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     Begley, William Walter (1893-1980)

     Broad, John (fl1875-1879)

     Coy, Phil (b1971)

     Doulton & Co Ltd, Porcelain Manufacturers

     Doulton, Frederick (1824-1872)

     Doulton, John (fl1820-1853)

     Haghe, Louis (1806-1885)

     Harding, George Perfect (1780-1853)

     Hawkins, George (1809-1852)

     Horner, James Francis (fl1853-1914)

     Hutchinson, George (fl1820-1870)

     Lucas, David (1802-1881)

     Nixon, Samuel (1803-1854)

     Preston, Thomas (fl1820-1829)

     Prout, Samuel (1783-1852)

     Tate, Sir Henry (1819-1899) 1st Baronet

     Tite, Sir William (1798-1873) Knight

     Trace, Michael David (1937-2006)

     Underdown, John (fl1820-1829)

     Waller family

     Whymper, Josiah Wood (1813-1903)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 21