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     Baxter, Felicity (fl1950-1960)

     Bowles, Edward Augustus (1865-1954)

     Brown, Lancelot (1715-1783)

     Bunbury, Sir Charles James Fox (1809-1886) 8th Baronet

     Bussey, Winifred (fl1950-1960)

     Cooke, Mordecai Cubitt (1825-1914)

     Ehret, Georg Dionysius (1708-1770)

     Hodgson, Ursula (fl1940-1960)

     Jekyll, Gertrude (1843-1932)

     Martin, Dorothy (1882-1949)

     Phipson, Herbert Musgrave (d1936)

     Regeczi, Marta Lexa- (b?1963)

     Repton, Humphry (1752-1818)

     Roper, Lanning (fl1912-1983)

     Round, Frank Harold (1879-1958)

     Snelling, Lilian (1879-1972)

     Stones, Margaret (b1920)

     Tanahashi, Takashi (fl1990-2000)

     Williams, A F (fl1900-1906)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 19