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     21 Gallery

     A H Lee & Sons, Textile and Tapestry Designers and Manufacturers

     A Haines & Son, Design studio

     A Leete & Co Ltd, Oil and Colourmen

     Aberdeen Artists Society

     Acheson, Anne Crawford (1882-1962)

     Ackland, Judith (1889-1971)

     Adams, George Gamon (1821-1898)

     Adams, Robert (1917-1984)

     Adamson, Arthur C (b1907)


     Ainscow, George Frederick (b1913)

     Alexander, William Cleverly (1840-1916)

     Allied Maples Group, Furniture retailers and manufacturers

     Anderson, Percy (1851-1928)

     Anderson, Thomas Gayer Gayer- (1881-1960)

     Andreu, Mariano (1888-1976)

     Anglo-French Art & Travel Society

     Antoni & Alison

     Arbeloff, Natalie D' (fl1950-1987)

     Archer, William George (1911-1979)

     Ardizzone, Edward Jeffrey Irving (1900-1979)

     Arkwright Arts Trust

     Armfield, Maxwell Ashby (1881-1972)

     Armington, Frank Milton (1876-1941)

     Armitage, Edward (1817-1896)

     Armitage, Kenneth (1916-2002)

     Armstead, Henry Hugh (1828-1905)

     Armstrong & Gardner, Architectural Practice

     Armstrong, Thomas (1832-1911)

     Arthur J Wilkinson Ltd, Earthenware Manufacturers

     Arthur Sanderson & Sons Ltd

     Arthur Tooth & Sons Ltd, Fine Art Dealers

     Artists International Association

     Artists League of Great Britain

     Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society

     Arts & Crafts Society of Ireland

     Arts Council of Great Britain

     Ashbee, Charles Robert (1863-1942)

     Ashton, Sir Arthur Leigh Bolland (1897-1983) Knight

     Association of Art Historians

     Association of Theatrical Designers and Craftsmen

     Atkinson, Robert (1883-1952)

     Atkinson, Thomas Dinham (1864-1948)

     Austin, Robert Sargent (1895-1973)

     Ayrton, Michael (1921-1975)


     Backhouse, George (fl1945-1960)

     Badrocke, Joyce (b1926)

     Baker, Bryant (1881-1970)

     Baker, Charles Henry Collins (1880-1959)

     Bakst, Leon (1866-1924)

     Baldry, Alfred Lys (1858-1939)

     Balston, Thomas (1883-1967)

     Barber, Basil E E (1910-1992)

     Barbican Art Gallery

     Barnes, Sir Harry Jefferson (1915-1982) Knight

     Barnsley, Sidney (1865-1926)

     Barratt, Reginald (1861-1917)

     Battersby, George Martin (1914-1982)

     Bawden, Edward (1903-1989)

     Bayles, O M (fl1930s-1950s)

     Beaton, Sir Cecil Walter Hardy (1904-1980) Knight

     Belcher, George Frederick Arthur (1875-1948)

     Bell, Joseph (1810-1895)

     Bell, Robert Anning (1863-1933)

     Bell, Steve (b1951)

     Benois, Alexandre (1870-1960)

     Bentley, Nicholas Clerihew (1907-1978)

     Beresford, George Charles (1864-1938)

     Bestall, Alfred Edmeades (1892-1986)

     Bethel, Joan De (fl1900-2000)

     Bethlem Royal Hospital

     Betjeman, Sir John (1906-1984) Knight

     Biba, Department Store

     Biegvad, Erik (1923-2014)

     Black, Sir Misha (1910-1977) Knight

     Blake, James Carter (fl1878-1918)

     Blake, Vernon (1875-1930)

     Blegvad, Erik (1923-2014)

     Blomfield, Sir Reginald Theodore (1856-1942) Knight

     Blow, Detmar Jellings (1867-1939)

     Bodkin, Thomas Patrick (1887-1961)

     Boehm, Sir Joseph Edgar (1834-1890) 1st Baronet

     Bolton, Arthur Thomas (1864-1945)

     Bomberg, David Garshen (1890-1957)

     Bondy, Charlotte (1907-1986)

     Bosence, Susan (1913-1996)

     Bossanyi, Ervin (1891-1975)

     Boswell, James (1906-1971)

     Bouverie, Katherine Pleydell- (1895-1985)

     Bowcher, Frank (1864-1938)

     Bowen, Denis (b1921)

     Bowes Museum

     Braby, Dorothea (1909-1987)

     Braddell, Dorothy (1889-1981)

     Bradford College of Arts & Crafts

     Brangwyn, Sir Frank (1867-1956) Knight

     Brighton College of Arts & Crafts

     Brinton, Selwyn John Curwyn (1859-1940)

     Brintons Carpets Ltd

     Brisley, Joyce Lankester (1896-1978)

     Bristol Museums & Art Gallery

     British Crafts Centre, Art and Craft Association

     British Display Society

     British Institute of Industrial Art

     British Institute of Interior Design

     British Library, Department of Prints & Drawings

     British School at Rome

     British School of Archaeology at Athens

     Brock, Alan Francis Clutton- (1904-1976)

     Brock, Sir Thomas (1847-1922) Knight

     Brockwell, Maurice Walter (1869-1958)

     Brodzky, Horace (1885-1969)

     Brothers Dalziel, Wood engravers

     Brown, Gerald Baldwin (1849-1932)

     Brown, John Vere (1925-2000)

     Brown, Loulou (b1906)

     Brzeska, Henri Gaudier- (1891-1915)

     Buday, George (1907-1990)

     Bulletti, Anton Leone (1823-1885)

     Burlington Fine Arts Club, London

     Burn, Gerald Maurice (1859-1945)

     Burn, Rodney Joseph (1899-1984)

     Burnet, Sir John James (1857-1938) Knight

     Burroughes, Dorothy (d1963)

     Bury, John (1925-2000)

     Byam Shaw School of Art

     Byron, Robert (1905-1941)

     C E Kempe & Co Ltd, Stained Glass Artists

     Calico Printers Association Ltd

     Calmann, Georg (d1942)

     Central Institute of Art and Design

     Ceramic Contemporaries, Exhibiting Society

     Chadwick, Helen (1953-1996)

     Chartered Society of Designers

     Child, Heather (1911-1997)

     Christien Sell & Associates Ltd, Furniture Designers

     Cinamon, Gerald (fl1959-)

     Clark & Fenn Ltd, Interior designers and plasterers

     Clark, Kenneth John (fl1947-1988)

     Clarke, Sylvia (b1918)

     Cobbe, Alec (b1945)

     Cole, Frederick W (1908-1998)

     Computer Arts Society

     Copnall, Edward Bainbridge (1903-1973)

     Corgi Books, Publishers

     Cornforth, John (1937-2004)

     Council for the Care of Churches

     Courtauld Institute of Art

     Courtaulds plc

     Cowell, Thomas (1870-1949)

     Crace & Son

     Crafts Council

     Crane, Walter (1845-1915)

     Crapper, Edith (1896-1979)

     Croghan, Antony (fl1982-1994)

     Crowe, Eyre (1824-1910)

     D Bianco & Sons Ltd, Furniture manufacturers

     D'Oyly Carte, Theatrical Company

     Daglish, Eric Fitch (1894-1966)

     Dalwood, Hubert Cyril (1924-1976)

     Daniel, Sir Augustus Moore (1866-1950)

     Darwin, Sir Robin (1910-1974) Knight

     Davenport, Elizabeth (b1905)

     Davidson, Peter Wylie (fl1890-1940)

     Davie, Alan (1920-2014)

     Davies, Nina (1881-1965)

     Davies, Sir Martin (1908-1975) Knight

     Davis, J Barnard (1861-c 1942)

     Davis, Sir Edmund (d1939) Knight

     Davis, William D Brockman (b1892)

     Dawber, Sir Edward Guy (1861-1938) Knight

     Dawson, Edith (1862-1928)

     Dawson, Nelson Ethelred (1859-1941)

     Day, Lewis Foreman (1840-1910)

     Day, Lucienne (b1917)

     Day, Robin (b1915)

     De Beyne, Roubaix, France, Furniture manufacturer

     Dell, Edwin La (1914-1970)

     Della Robbia Pottery

     Derby Crown Porcelain Co Ltd

     Derby Museum & Art Gallery

     Derby School of Art

     Derrick, Thomas (1885-1954)

     Design & Industries Association

     Design Council

     Designer Bookbinders

     Detmold, Edward Julian (1883-1957)

     Detwiller, Frederick K (1882-1953)

     Dicker, Charles George Hamilton (b1896)

     Dilke, Emilia Francis (1840-1904) Lady

     Dillon, Frank (1823-1909)

     Dillon, Jane (fl1961-2000)

     Dobson, Frank Owen (1887-1963)

     Dobujinsky, Mstislav (1875-1957)

     Dodd, Francis (1874-1949)

     Dodgson, Campbell (1867-1948)

     Donald Brothers Ltd, Fabric and Textile Designers

     Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery

     Dorset Record Office

     Douglas Cockerell & Son, Bookbinders

     Douglas, Robert Langton (1864-1951)

     Douglas, Sholto J (1872-1958)

     Doulton & Co Ltd, Porcelain Manufacturers

     Dovecot Studios Limited

     Drapers' Company of the City of London

     Dressler, Conrad (1856-1940)

     Dreyfuss, John Gustave (b1918)

     Dring, James (1905-1985)

     Dryad Metalwork

     Dudley School of Art

     Dulac, Edmund (1882-1953)

     Durbin, Leslie (1913-2005)

     Durst, Alan Lydiat (1883-1970)

     Dyer, John H V (fl1890-1910)

     Eagle Transfers Ltd

     East India Association

     Easton, Hugh (1906-1965)

     Ede, Harold Stanley (1895-1990)

     Ede, Robin Moore (fl1965-1991)

     Edinburgh College of Art

     Edward & Sons (the Jewelers & Silversmiths Company)

     Edward Barnard & Sons Ltd, Silversmiths

     Ehrensweig, Oskar (1906-1988)

     Ehrlich, Georg (1897-1966)

     Elkington & Co Ltd, Silversmiths and Electroplaters

     Elliott & Fry

     Elmhirst, Dorothy Whitney (1887-1968)

     Elmhirst, Leonard Knight (1893-1974)

     Emanuel, Frank Lewis (1865-1948)

     Embleton, Edwin (b1907)

     Emerson, Robert Jackson (1878-1944)

     Emery Walker Ltd, Printers, Engravers and Photographers

     Epstein, Sir Jacob (1880-1959) Knight

     Etchells, Frederick (1887-1973)

     Evans, Eileen (fl1950-1970)

     Evans, Frederick Henry (1853-1943)

     Evans, Merlyn Oliver (1910-1973)

     Eve, George William (1855-1914)

     F Meacci, Piece Moulder and Figure Maker

     F Steiner & Co Ltd, Dyers and Calico Printers

     Fagg, Edwin (fl1885-1939)

     Fairbank, Alfred John (1895-1982)

     Falk, Bernard (1882-1960)

     Falkener, Edward (1814-1896)

     Farleigh, John (1900-1965)

     Farmer & Brindley

     Farr Ergonomics Ltd, Designers and Ergonomicists

     Faulkner, Howard Bertram (b1894)

     Feibusch, Hans (1898-1998)

     Feiler, Paul (b1918)

     Fejer, George (d1996)

     Felber, Harold (d1993)

     Felicity Samuel Gallery

     Fennemore, Thomas Acland (1902-1959)

     Festival of Britain

     Ffolkes, Michael (1925-1988)

     Fine Art Society Plc, Art Dealers

     Fisher, Alexander (1864-1936)

     Fisher, Alfred Hugh (1867-1945)

     Fleming, Ronald (1896-1968)

     Fletcher, Hanslip (1874-1955)

     Fletcher, Henry Martineau (1870-1953)

     Flint, Sir William Russell (1880-1969) Knight

     Flockinger, Gerda (b1927)

     Forbes, Stanhope Alexander (1857-1947)

     Ford, Oliver (1925-1992)

     Forsyth, Gordon Mitchell (1879-1952)

     Forsyth, Moira (1905-1991)

     Fortnum, Charles Drury Edward (1820-1899)

     Frampton, Sir George James (1860-1928) Knight

     Francis Higgins & Son Ltd, Silversmiths

     Frank Keevil & Sons, Furniture Manufacturers

     Fraser, Eric George (1902-1983)

     Freeth, Hubert Andrew (1912-1986)

     Freideberger, Klaus (fl1946-2003)

     French, John (1907-1966)

     Fry, Maxwell E (1899-1987)

     Fry, Roger Eliot (1866-1934)

     Fulham Pottery

     Furniture History Society

     Furse, Roger Kemble (1903-1972)

     G Jackson & Sons Ltd, Decorative Plasterers

     Gainsborough's House Museum, Sudbury

     GallĂ©, Emile Charles Martin (1846-1904)

     Garbe, Louis Richard (1876-1957)

     Gardner, John Starkie (1844-1930)

     Garrard & Co Ltd, Goldsmiths and Jewellers

     Gaskin, Arthur Joseph (1862-1928)

     Gentleman, David (b1930)

     George Bell & Sons Ltd, Publishers

     George Malyard, Hatters

     George Wickes, Goldsmith

     Georgiadis, Nicholas (1923-2001)

     Gere, Charles March (1869-1957)

     Gill, Arthur Eric Rowton (1882-1940)

     Glasgow & West of Scotland Technical College

     Glasgow Art Gallery & Museum

     Glehn, Wilfred Gabriel De (1870-1951)

     Gnoli, Domenico (1933-1970)

     Godfrey, Walter Hindes (1881-1961)

     Godwin, Edward William (1833-1886)

     Goetze, Sigismund Christian Hubert (1866-1939)

     Goffey, Harry (1871-1951)

     Golden Cockerel Press

     Goldsmiths' College

     Gontcharova, Natalia (fl1950-1958)

     Gooday, Rita (1866-1941) nee Andrews

     Gooden, Stephen Frederick (1892-1955)

     Gordine, Dora (c 1900-1991)

     Gossop, Robert Percy (1876-1951)

     Gould, Husey (fl1903-1904)

     Gould, Sir Francis Carruthers (1844-1925) Knight

     Goulding, Frederick (1842-1909)

     Gower, Lord Ronald Charles Sutherland- (1845-1916)

     Grace, Sheffield (1788-1850)

     Grant, Dorothy Marion (1912-1988)

     Grant, Duncan James Corrowr (1885-1978)

     Grasemann, Cuthbert (fl1906-1957)

     Gray, Joseph (1890-1962)

     Gray, Kathleen Eileen Moray (1879-1976)

     Gray, Milner Connorton (1899-1997)

     Greig, James (1861-1941)

     Grierson, Ronald (b1901)

     Griffiths, John (1837-1918)

     Griggs, Frederick Landseer Maur (1876-1938)

     Grimble, Rosemary Ann (b1932)

     Groag, Jacqueline (1903-1985)

     Groag, Jacques (1892-1962)

     Gross, Anthony (1905-1984)

     Guardian, Newspaper

     Guild of Handicraft, Chipping Campden

     Guild of Saint Joseph & Saint Dominic

     Guthrie, Robin Craig (1902-1971)

     Guyatt, Richard (c 1914-2007)

     H Morris & Co Ltd, Furniture Manufacturers

     Habitat UK Ltd, Retailer

     Hadaway, William Snelling (1872-1941)

     Haggar, Reginald George (b1905)

     Hagreen, Philip (1890-1988)

     Haite, George Charles (1855-1924)

     Hake, Sir Henry (1892-1951) Knight

     Halifax Rembrandt Club, Art Club

     Halkett, George R (1865-1918)

     Hall, Clifford Eric Martin (1904-1973)

     Hall, Peter J (fl1979-1999)

     Hamilton, John Mclure (1853-1936)

     Hamilton, Richard (b1922)

     Hamlyn, Sidney William (1883-1973)

     Hammelmann, Hanns Andreas (fl1950-1969)

     Hankey, William Lee- (1869-1952)

     Hanover Gallery Ltd, Art Dealers

     Hardie, Martin (1875-1952)

     Harewood House

     Harris, G W (fl1900-2000)

     Hart, George (fl1902-1959)

     Hartley, Alfred (1855-1933)

     Hartrick, Archibald Standish (1864-1950)

     Harvey, Sir John Martin- (1863-1944) Knight

     Hassall, John (1868-1948)

     Havell, Ernest Binfield (1861-1934)

     Havinden, Ashley (1903-1973)

     Haward, Lawrence (1878-1957)

     Haweis, Stephen (fl1911-1956)

     Hayward Gallery

     Heal & Son Ltd, Furnishers

     Heal, Sir Ambrose (1872-1959) Knight

     Heasman, Ernest (1874-1927)

     Heggs, Ronald (b1912)

     Henderson, Keith (1883-1982)

     Henrion, F H K (1914-1990)

     Hepworth, Dame Barbara (1903-1975)

     Herman, Josef (1911-2000)

     Hermes, Gertrude (1901-1983)

     Herrmann, Frederick Henry (1898-1983)

     Heslewood, Thomas (b1868)

     Hicks, David Nightingale (1929-1998)

     Hill, Anthony (b1930)

     Hill, Leonard Raven- (1867-1942)

     Him, George (1900-1982)

     Hodgkin, Howard (b1932)

     Holden, Harold Henry (b1885)

     Holiday, Henry (1839-1927)

     Holland & Sons Ltd, Cabinetmakers

     Holmes, Sir Charles John (1868-1936) Knight

     Home Arts & Industries Association

     Home, Stewart (b1962)

     Honeyman, Thomas John (1891-1971)

     Hornby, Charles Harry St John (1867-1946)

     Horne, Herbert Percy (1864-1916)

     Hornsey College of Arts and Crafts

     Horsley, Gerald Callcott (1865-1917)

     Horton, Ronald (1902-1981)

     House of Paquin, Costume and Fashion Designers

     House of Worth, Costume and Fashion Designers

     Howard, George James (1843-1911) 9th Earl of Carlisle

     Hughes, Alfred Marcus (fl1955-1959)

     Hughes, Margaret (b1949)

     Hulanicki, Barbara (b1938)

     Hunton, W Gordon (1885-1933)

     Hutton, John (fl1960-1965)

     Hyders Ltd, Metalwork Firm


     Ihlee, Rudolf (1883-1968)

     Illustrated London News

     Image, Selwyn (1849-1930)

     Imperial War Museum, London

     Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

     Inverness Museum and Art Gallery

     Ipswich Museums

     Irving, Laurence Henry Forster (b1897)

     Isobel, (fl1920-1965)

     J & P Coats Ltd, Cotton Thread Manufacturers

     J Clarke, High Wycombe, Furniture Manufacturers

     J M Dent & Sons Ltd, Bookbinders

     J W Knowles & Sons, Stained Glass Designers and Glass Painters

     Jackson, Ernest

     Jackson, Frederick Hamilton (1848-1923)

     Jackson, Sir Thomas Graham (1835-1924) 1st Baronet

     James A Jobling & Co, Glass Designers and Manufacturers

     James Bourlet & Sons, Carvers

     James Dixon & Sons Ltd, Manufacturers of Silver, Silver-plated Britannia Metal Goods

     James Pearson Ltd, Stoneware Manufacturers

     James Templeton & Co, Textile and Carpet Manufacturers

     Janes, Norman Thomas (1892-1980)

     Janko, Marjorie (1909-1999)

     Jeffrey & Co Ltd, Wallpaper Manufacturers

     Jekyll, Gertrude (1843-1932)

     Jennings, Humphrey (1907-1950)

     Jennings, Leonard (1877-1956)

     Jensen, John (b1930)

     John Hardman & Co Ltd

     John Westhead & Co, Cabinetmakers and Furniture Retailers

     John, Sir William Goscombe (1860-1952) Knight

     Johns, Jasper (b1930)

     Johnston, Edward (1872-1944)

     Johnston, Francis (fl1905-1960)

     Johnstone, William (1897-1981)

     Jonathan Cape Ltd, Publishers

     Jones, Allan Gwynne- (1892-1982)

     Jones, Allen (b1937)

     Jones, David (b1943)

     Jones, Sir Edward Coley Burne- (1833-1898) 1st Baronet

     Jones, Sir Philip Burne- (1861-1926) 2nd Baronet

     Jones, Sydney Robert (1881-1966)

     Joseph Bell & Son, Stained Glass Designers and Manufacturers

     Joseph Bourne & Son Ltd, Pottery Manufacturers

     Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd, Pottery Manufacturers

     Joy, George William (1844-1925)

     Juda, Elsbeth (b1911)

     Juta, Jan (1895-1990)

     Kapp, Edmund Xavier (1890-1978)

     Kauffer, Edward Leland Mcknight (1890-1954)

     Kelmscott Press, Publishers

     Kendrick, Albert Frank (1872-1954)

     Kennington, Eric Henri (1888-1960)

     Kenny, Sean (1932-1973)

     Kestelman, Morris (1905-1998)

     Keswick School of Industrial Art, Silversmiths

     Kettles Yard, Museum and Art Gallery

     Keynes, Sir Geoffrey Langton (1887-1982) Knight

     Kimball, Katherine (1866-1949)

     Kindersley, David Guy (1918-1995)

     Kitson, Sydney Decimus (1871-1937)

     Knapp, Stefan (b1921)

     Knight, Dame Laura (1877-1970)

     Knowles, Andrew Pitcairn- (1871-1956)

     Knowles, John Alder (1881-1961)

     Kokoschka, Oskar (1886-1980)

     Konody, Paul George (1872-1933)

     Kossowski, Adam (1905-1986)

     Kramer, Jacob (1892-1962)

     Kratochwil, Marian (1906-1997)

     Lachasse Ltd, Costume and Fashion Designers

     Lady Lever Art Gallery

     Lamb, Lynton Harold (1907-1977)

     Lamprell, Ralph (fl1924-1995)

     Lancaster, Sir Osbert (1908-1986) Knight

     Lanyon, George Peter (1918-1964)

     Laszlo, Philip Alexius de (1869-1937)

     Lavery, Sir John (1856-1941) Knight

     Law, Vera (1899-1985)

     Lawson, James Kerr- (1865-1939)

     Leach, Bernard (1887-1979)

     Leaf, Mabel (fl1906-1922)

     Leamington School of Art

     Ledward, Gilbert (1888-1960)

     Lee, Arthur Hamilton (1868-1947) Viscount Lee of Fareham

     Lee, Gordon (1914-1992)

     Lee, Rupert (1887-1959)

     Lee, Sydney (1866-1949)

     Legros, Alphonse (1837-1911)

     Lehmann, Olga (b1914)

     Leicester College of Art & School of Printing

     Leicester Museum & Art Gallery

     Leighton, Frederic (1830-1896) Baron Leighton of Stretton

     Leighton, John (1822-1912)

     Lessore, Frederick (1879-1951)

     Lethaby, William Richard (1857-1931)

     Liberty & Co Ltd

     Lilley & Skinner Ltd, Shoe manufacturer and retailer

     Lisle, John William (c1870-1927)

     Littlejohns, John (b1874)

     London Group

     London Sketch Club

     Long, Basil Somerset (1881-1937)

     Lorimer, Sir Robert Stodart (1864-1929) Knight

     Low, Sir David Alexander Cecil (1891-1963) Knight

     Lowinsky, Thomas Esmond (1892-1947)

     Lowry, Laurence Stephen (1887-1976)

     Lowry, Raymond (b1944)

     Lowther, Anthony William George (d1973)

     Lucas, John Seymour (1849-1923)

     Lucking, Eric (1908-1984)

     Luka, Mark (1919-1971)

     Luker, Henry Worrall (fl1919-1970)

     Lumsden, Ernest Stephen (1883-1948)

     Lunn, Dora ( 1881-1961)

     Lydney School of Art

     Lytton, Neville Stephen Bulwer- (1879-1951) 3rd Earl of Lytton

     MacColl, Dugald Sutherland (1859-1948)

     Maclagan, Sir Eric Robert Dalrymple (1879-1951) Knight

     Mahoney, Charles (1903-1968)

     Mahood, Kenneth (b1930)

     Mairet, Ethel Mary (1872-1952)

     Maltwood, Katherine (1878-1961)

     Manchester Art Gallery

     Manchester School of Art

     Manning, William Westley (1868-1954)

     Mansbridge, Norman Arthur (1911-1993)

     Maple & Co Ltd, Furnishers and Furniture Manufacturers

     Mappin & Webb, Silversmiths and Jewellers

     Marks, Henry Stacy (1829-1898)

     Marshall, Francis Dunbar (1901-1980)

     Marx, Enid (1902-1998)

     Mathews, Heber (d1959)

     Maxwell, Sir John Stirling- (1866-1956) Baronet

     Maze, Paul Lucien (1887-1979)

     McBey, James (1883-1959)

     McEvoy, Mary (1870-1941)

     McGrath, Raymond (1903-1977)

     McGurk, C D (b1894)

     McKie, Helen (fl1928-1951)

     Medley, Charles Robert Owen (1905-1994)

     Medway School of Arts & Crafts

     Menpes, Mortimer (1860-1938)

     Methuen, Paul Ayshford (1886-1974) 4th Baron Methuen

     Mew, Frederick (fl1924-1984)

     Michael Farr (Design Integration) Ltd

     Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham

     Miller, John (1911-1975)

     Milnes, William Henry (1865-1957)

     Minories Art Gallery, Colchester

     Minton, Hollins & Co, Tile and Ceramic Designers

     Mintons Ltd, China Manufacturers

     Mirman, Simone (fl1954-1967)

     Mitchell, Denis (b1912)

     Monotype Corporation, Printing and Typography Company

     Montalba, Clara (1842-1929)

     Monti, Rafaelle

     Moore, Henry Spencer (1898-1986)

     Moore, Thomas Sturge (1870-1944)

     Morgan, Mary Evelyn De (1855-1919)

     Morgan, William Frend De (1839-1917)

     Morley, Harry (1881-1943)

     Morris & Co Ltd

     Morris, May (1862-1938)

     Morris, William (1834-1896)

     Morton, James (1867-1943)

     Mount, Reginald (b1906)

     Moxon & Carfrae, House Painters and Decorators

     Mozley, Charles (1914-1991)

     Muckley, W.J (fl1884-1924)

     Mullins, Edwin Roscoe (1848-1907)

     Murray, William Grant (1877-1950)

     Murray, William Staite (1881-1962)

     Nairac, Rosamonde M (b1938)

     Nash, Paul (1889-1946)

     National Art Collections Fund

     National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies

     National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies: Godalming

     National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies: Neroche Branch

     National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies: Norwich

     National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies, Harpenden

     National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies, Welwyn Garden City

     National Gallery

     National Gallery of Scotland

     National Monuments Record

     National Portrait Gallery

     Neu, Trude (fl1912-1996)

     New English Art Club

     New Vision Centre Gallery

     Newbery, Francis Henry (1855-1946)

     Newmarch, Betty Constance (fl1946-1983)

     Newton, Eric (1893-1965)

     Newton, Ernest (1856-1922)

     Newton, Herbert B (1881-1959)

     Nicholson, Benjamin Lauder (1894-1982)

     Nicholson, George (fl1850-1896)

     Nicholson, Sir William Newzam Prior (1872-1949) Knight

     Nicholson, Winifred (1893-1981)

     Nicoll, James (fl1900-2000)

     Nixon, Samuel (1803-1854)

     Norman, Philip (c 1843-1931)

     Norris, Herbert (fl1905-1938)

     Northampton Arts Association

     Norton, Wilfrid (1880-1973)

     Norwich School of Art

     Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery

     O'Casey, Breon (b1928)

     Oakeshott, Walter Fraser (1903-1987)

     Oakley, Alfred James (1880-1959)

     Odney Pottery

     Oppe, Adolph Paul (1878-1957)

     Oppitz Jewellers

     Orchardson, Sir William Quiller (1832-1910) Knight

     Oriental Ceramic Society

     Owen, Sir Francis Philip Cunliffe- (1828-1894) Knight

     Oxford University Press

     P & D Colnaghi & Co

     Paisley Museum & Art Gallery

     Palliser, Herbert William (1883-1963)

     Paolozzi, Sir Eduardo (1924-2005) Knight

     Parkes, Kineton (1865-1938)

     Paterson, Ronald (1917--)

     Payne, Albert Wyndham (1884-1974)

     Peace, David (b1915)

     Peach, Harry Hardy (1872-1936)

     Pear Tree Press

     Pearson, Frank Loughborough (? 1863-1947)

     Pearson, R (fl1900-2000)

     Penguin Books Ltd

     Pennell, Joseph (1860-1926)

     Penrose, Francis Cranmer (1817-1903)

     Penrose, Sir Roland Algernon (1900-1984) Knight

     Pepler, Hilary D C (1877-1951)

     Perth Museum & Art Gallery

     Pesel, Louisa Frances (d1947)

     Petts, John (1914-1991)

     Pevsner, Sir Nikolaus Bernhard Loen (1902-1983) Knight

     Pick, Frank (1878-1941)

     Piech, Paul Peter (1920-1996)

     Pierce, Charles (1908-1980)

     Pilkington's Tile & Pottery Co

     Pilot Fashions, Ladieswear Designers

     Pinsent, Cecil (1884-1959)

     Piper, John Egerton Christmas (1903-1992)

     Pirie, Sir George (1863-1946) Knight

     Platt, John Edgar (1886-1967)

     Plesch, Honoria (1919-1990)

     Plowman, Chris (fl1976-2000)

     Pocock, Alfred Lyndhurst (1881-1962)

     Pollen, John Hungerford (1820-1902)

     Pollock, Courtenay Edward Maxwell (1877-1943)

     Polunin, Vladimir (1880-1957)

     Pope, Arthur Upham (1881-1969)

     Popham, Arthur Ewart (1889-1970)

     Porter, Dorothea Naomi (b1927)

     Powell, Alfred Hoare (c1865-1960)

     Powell, David Harman (b1933)

     Powles, Lewis Charles (1860-1942)

     Poynter, Sir Edward John (1836-1919) Knight

     Preston, Kerrison (1884-1974)

     Printmakers Council

     Pryse, Gerald Spencer (1881-1956)

     Punch Ltd

     Pyke, Edward Joseph (1898-1996)

     Queensberry Hunt Partnership, Ceramic and Tableware Design Consultancy

     R B Simpson & Co Ltd, Furniture manufacturer

     Race Furniture Ltd

     Rackham, Arthur (1867-1939)

     Rackham, Bernard (1876-1964)

     Ramon, George (fl1900-2000)

     Raverat, Gwendolen Mary (1885-1957)

     Ravilious, Eric William (1903-1942)

     Read, Charles Handley- (1916-1971)

     Read, Edward Handley- (1870-1935)

     Read, Sir Charles Hercules (1857-1929) Knight

     Reading Museum & Art Gallery

     Reeve, Russel S (1895-1970)

     Reilly, Paul (1912-1990) Baron Reilly of Brompton

     Reyntiens, Patrick (b1925)

     Richards, Ceri Giraldus (1903-1971)

     Richardson, Sir Albert Edward (1880-1964) Knight

     Richardson, Wilfred (b1883)

     Richmond, Sir William Blake (1842-1921) Knight

     Rie, Dame Lucie (1902-1995)

     Ritva, Knitwear designers

     Rivers, Larry (b1925)

     Roberts & Belk Ltd, Sheffield, Silversmiths

     Robinson & Co Ltd, Jewellers

     Robinson, Sir John Charles (1824-1913) Knight

     Rodin, Francois Auguste Rene (1840-1917)

     Roe, Fred (1864-1947)

     Roerich, Nicholas (1874-1947)

     Roesen, Sigrid (1908-1984)

     Rogers, Claude Maurice (1907-1979)

     Roland, Browse & Delbanco Gallery, Art Gallery

     Rooke, Noel (1881-1953)

     Rose, George Herbert (1882-1955)

     Rosoman, Leonard Henry (b1913)

     Rothenstein, Sir John Knewstab Maurice (1901-1992)

     Rothenstein, Sir William (1872-1945) Knight

     Rowell, Kenneth (1920-1999)

     Royal Academy of Arts

     Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter

     Royal College of Art

     Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851

     Royal Drawings Society

     Royal Institute of British Architects

     Royal Institute of Oil Painters

     Royal Mint

     Royal Pavilion, Brighton

     Royal Photographic Society

     Royal School of Art Needlework

     Royal Scottish Academy

     Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Water Colours

     Royal Society of Arts

     Royal Society of British Artists

     Royal Watercolour Society

     Rutherston, Albert Daniel (1881-1953)

     S London Ltd, Furriers

     Salting, George (1835-1909)

     Sander, Bertha (1901-1990)

     Sanderson, Daphne (b1939)

     Sandford, Eve (d1985)

     Scarfe, Gerald (b1936)

     Schleger, Hans (1898-1976)

     Schleger, Pat (b1928)

     Seale, A Barney (1896-1957)

     Sharaff, Irene (fl1958-1962)

     Shelton, Harold (1913-1994)

     Sherard, Michael (fl1947-1983)

     Singer, Franz (1896-1954)

     Skeaping, John Rattenbury (1901-1980)

     Skiold, Birgit (1923-1982)

     Smith, Edwin Whitney- (1880-1952)

     Smith, Oliver (fl1958-1962)

     Smith, Percy John Delf (1882-1948)

     Smith, Sir Cecil Harcourt- (1859-1944) Knight

     Society for Italic Handwriting

     Society of Designer Craftsmen

     Society of Graphic Fine Art

     Society of Scribes and Illuminators

     Society of Women Artists

     Sonnabend, Yolanda (b1935)

     Southampton City Art Gallery

     Southend School of Art

     Spence, Sir Basil Urwin (1907-1976) Knight

     Spencer, Herbert (fl1964-1969)

     Spielmann, Marion Harry Alexander (1858-1948)

     Spielmann, Sir Isidore (1854-1925) Knight

     Spiers, Richard Phene (1837-1916)

     Spink & Son Ltd, Medallists, Goldsmiths and Jewellers

     Squirrell, Leonard Russell (1893-1979)

     St Martin's School of Art

     St Paul's cathedral, London

     Stabler, Harold (1872-1945)

     Stabler, Phoebe (c 1873-1955)

     Stair, Bill (1939-1991)

     Stannus, Hugh Hutton (1840-1908)

     Stanton, Blair Rowlands Hughes- (1902-1981)

     Staples Press Ltd, Printers

     Starke, Frederick (fl1949-1969)

     Stead, McAlpin & Co Ltd, Calico Printers

     Steegman, John Edward Horatio (1899-1966)

     Steichen, Edward Jean (1879-1973)

     Stephen, John (1937--)

     Stephens, Sir William Reynolds- (1862-1943) Knight

     Stern, Ernst (1876-1954)

     Stevenson, Marie (d1981)

     Stiebel, Victor (1907-1976)

     Stone, Robert Edgar (1903-1990)

     Stone, Sir John Benjamin (1838-1914) Knight

     Storie, Andrew (fl1932-1959)

     Strang, David (b1887)

     Strang, William (1859-1929)

     Stratton, Arthur (1872-1955)

     Straub, Marianne (1909-1993)

     Strobl, Sigismund De (b1884)

     Sullivan, Olive (1913-1998)

     Suter, Elizabeth (fl1960-1989)

     Sutherland, Graham Vivian (1903-1980)

     Swindon Museum & Art Gallery

     Tadema, Sir Lawrence Alma- (1836-1912) Knight

     Tate Gallery

     Taylor, Alec Clifton- (1907-1985)

     Taylor, Reginald Walter (b1881)

     Third Eye Centre, Art Centre

     Thomas Bradbury & Sons Ltd, Silversmiths

     Thomas, Grosvenor (1856-1923)

     Thompson, Herbert (1856-1945)

     Thomson, David Croal (1855-1930)

     Thorpe, John Hall (1874-1947)

     Tibor Reich Designs Ltd, Fabric Designers

     Till, Reginald (1895-1978)

     Tily, Eugene (1870-1950)

     Tisdall, Hans (1910-1997)

     Tobey, Mark (1890-1976)

     Todd, Arthur Ralph Middleton (1891-1966)

     Tom Smith Group Ltd, Cracker and Novelty Manufacturer

     Topolski, Feliks (1907-1989)

     Towneley Hall Art Gallery & Museum

     Townsend, Charles Harrison (1851-1928)

     Trent, Newbury Abbot (1885-1963)

     Trevelyan, Sir Walter Calverley (1797-1879) 6th Baronet

     Trigram Press, Printers and Publishers

     Tryon, Wyndham J (1883-1942)

     Tschichold, Jan (1902-1974)

     Tunnicliffe, Charles Frederick (1901-1979)

     Turnbull & Stockdale Ltd, Calico Printers

     Turner, Percy Moore (1877-1950)

     Turnstile Press, Publishers

     Tweed, John (1869-1933)

     Tweedie, Ethel Brilliana Alec- (d1940)

     Uglow, Helena (fl1960-1989)

     Underwood, George Claude Leon (1890-1975)

     Unger, Hans (1915-1975)

     Vaughan, John Keith (1912-1977)

     Vaux, Marc (b1932)

     Venice & Murano Glass Company Ltd

     Verity, Alfred (fl1880-1890)

     Vezelay, Paule (1892-1984)

     Vinall, Joseph William Topham (1873-1953)

     Vincent, John Amyatt Chaundley (1826-1905)

     Vivian Porter & Co Ltd, Designers and Ladieswear Wholesalers

     Voysey, Charles Francis Annesley (1857-1941)

     W Gordon Hunton, Design Studio

     W J Sloggett & Sons

     Wallis, Henry (1830-1916)

     Walton, Allan (1891-1948)

     Wheeler, Sir Charles Thomas (1892-1974) Knight

     Whistler, Laurence (1912-2000)

     Whitefriars Glass Ltd

     Whyte, Vic Duppa- (1934-1986)

     William Comyns & Sons Ltd, Manufacturing Silversmiths

     Winston, Charles (1814-1864)

     Worshipful Company of Broderers of London

     Worshipful Company of Fishmongers of London

     Worshipful Company of Founders of London

     Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths of London

     Worshipful Company of Ironmongers

     Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards of London

     Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers of London

     Wragg, Arthur (1903-1976)

     Wyatt, Leo (1909-1981)

     Wyatt, Sir Matthew Digby (1820-1877) Knight

     York City Art Gallery

     Yorkshire Archaeological Society

     Zapf, Hermann (b1918)

     Zinkeisen, Doris Clare (1898-1991)

     ffoulkes, Charles (1868-1947)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 854