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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Ascroft, William (1832-1914)

     Bell, Steve (b1951)

     Blower, Patrick (fl1998-2000)

     Boulton & Fothergill, Silversmiths and Silver Platers

     Bowering, Nick (fl1985-2003)

     Brameld & Co, Potters

     Brangwyn, Sir Frank (1867-1956) Knight

     Calne, Sir Roy Yorke (b1930)

     Cuneo, Terence Tenison (1907-1996)

     Daniels, Alfred (b1924)

     Duffy, Louis (fl1953-1963)

     Dumitriu, Anna (b1969)

     Dyson, Anthony (fl1999-2000)

     English, Michael (b1941)

     Epstein, Sir Jacob (1880-1959) Knight

     Ferguson, William Bates (1853-1937)

     Fooks, Phillip (fl1994-1995)

     Fowke, Francis (1823-1865)

     Hanscomb, Brian (b1944)

     Hellman, Louis (b1936)

     Hepworth, Dame Barbara (1903-1975)

     Holmes, Keith (fl1990-1999)

     Hunkin, Tim (fl1980-2003)

     Ihlee, F C (d1939)

     Lumb, Edna (b1931)

     Midgley, Julia (b1948)

     Norris Bros Ltd, Consultant Design Engineers

     Orosz, Istvan (fl1983-1995)

     Orr, Chris (b1943)

     Phillips, Nicholas (fl1979-1983)

     Plowman, Chris (fl1976-2000)

     Roussel, R T (1883-1967)

     Rowe, Cliff (1904-1989)

     Russell, John Scott (1808-1882)

     Ruthven, Robert (fl1985-1998)

     Salmon, Tabitha (b1955)

     Scarfe, Laurence (1914-1993)

     Soden, Robert (b1955)

     Sonnabend, Yolanda (b1935)

     Stones, Alan (b1947)

     Thomson, Alfred Reginald (1895-1979)

     Todd, Daphne (b1947)

     Turnbull, Chris (fl1995-2000)

     Turner, Michael (fl1970-1990)

     Williams, A C (fl1960-1962)

     Winkelman, Joseph (b1941)

     Woodcroft, Bennet (1803-1879)

     Zileri, A Susan (fl1880-1884)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 48