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     Acton, Sir Harold Mario (1904-1994) Knight

     Agnew, Sir Geoffrey William Gerald (1908-1986) Knight

     Bell, Charles Francis (1871-1966)

     Berenson, Bernard (1865-1959)

     Berenson, Mary Logan Costelloe (1864-1945)

     Binyon, Robert Laurence (1869-1943)

     Carritt, Hugh David Graham (1927-1982)

     Clark, Kenneth Mackenzie (1903-1983) Baron Clark

     Cockerell, Sir Sydney Carlyle (1867-1962) Knight

     Constable, William George (1887-1976)

     Creswell, Sir Keppel Archibald Cameron (1879-1974) Knight

     Cust, Robert Henry Hobart (1861-1940)

     Davies, Sir Martin (1908-1975) Knight

     Fry, Roger Eliot (1866-1934)

     Hennessy, Sir John Wyndham Pope- (1913-1994) Knight

     Hill, Arthur Derek (b1916)

     Hinks, Roger (d1964)

     Horne, Herbert Percy (1864-1916)

     Hutton, Edward (1875-1969)

     Kessel, Mary (b1910)

     Maclagan, Sir Eric Robert Dalrymple (1879-1951) Knight

     Mahon, Sir John Denis (b1910) Knight

     Marsh, Sir Edward Howard (1872-1953) Knight

     Mortimer, Charles Raymond Bell (1895-1980)

     Nicolson, Lionel Benedict (1914-1978)

     Phillips, Sir Claude (1846-1924) Knight

     Pinsent, Cecil (1884-1959)

     Richter, Jean Paul (1847-1937)

     Strong, Eugenie (1860-1943)

     Sulley, Arthur Joseph (fl1910-1929)

     Thomson, David Croal (1855-1930)

     Witt, Sir Robert Clermont (1872-1952) Knight

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 32