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     Barry, Sir Charles (1795-1860) Knight

     Brown, Ford Madox (1821-1893)

     Cameron, Sir David Young (1865-1945) Knight

     Cocteau, Jean (1889-1963)

     Dilke, Emilia Francis (1840-1904) Lady

     Ellis, Sir Bertram Clough Williams- (1883-1978) Knight

     Furniss, Harry (1854-1925)

     Gould, Sir Francis Carruthers (1844-1925) Knight

     Hansard, Thomas Curson (1776-1833)

     John Hardman & Co Ltd

     Leader, John Temple (1810-1903)

     Low, Sir David Alexander Cecil (1891-1963) Knight

     Maclise, Daniel (1806-1870)

     Morison, Stanley Arthur (1889-1967)

     Orpen, Sir William Newenham Montague (1878-1931) Knight

     Pugin, Augustus Welby Northmore (1812-1852)

     Pugin, Edward Welby (1834-1875)

     Shields, Frederic James (1833-1911)

     Sickert, Walter Richard (1860-1942)

     Soane, Sir John (1753-1837) Knight

     Stone, Sir John Benjamin (1838-1914) Knight

     Sutherland, Graham Vivian (1903-1980)

     Williams, Sir Evan Owen (1890-1969) Knight

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 23