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     Alexander, William (1767-1816)

     Archer, Mildred Agnes (b1911)

     Archer, William George (1911-1979)

     Ardeshir, A C (fl0000-0000)

     Bellasis, Augustus Fortunatus (1822-1872)

     Binyon, Robert Laurence (1869-1943)

     Canning, Charlotte Elizabeth (1817-1861) wife of Earl Canning

     Carter, George (b1822)

     Chandra, Avinash (1931-1991)

     Chinnery, George (1774-1852)

     Chitrakshar, (---)

     Cook, Elizabeth (fl1826-)

     Cotton, Sir Harry Evan Auguste (1868-1939) Knight

     Daniell, William (1769-1837)

     Davis, Samuel (1760-1819)

     Davis, Sir Edmund (d1939) Knight

     Desmond, Raymond George Coulter (b1925)

     East India Association

     Festival of India

     Forbes, James (1749-1819)

     Goswamy, Karuna (fl1960-1968)

     Hamilton, Francis Buchanan- (1762-1829)

     Havell, Ernest Binfield (1861-1934)

     Holmes, Randolph Bezzant (1888-1973)

     Home, Robert (1752-1834)

     Horsfield, Thomas (1773-1859)

     Krishna, Anand (fl1965-)

     Kyd, Robert (1746-1793)

     Machell, Thomas (fl1842-1862)

     Masson, Charles (1800-1853)

     Molyneux, Edward Mary Joseph (1866-1913)

     Oldfield, Henry Ambrose (1822-1871)

     Prinsep, James (1799-1840)

     Ray, Gordon Meredith (1912-1993)

     Rothenstein, Sir William (1872-1945) Knight

     Simpson, William (1823-1899)

     Sitaram, K N (fl1920-1936)

     Spielmann, Marion Harry Alexander (1858-1948)

     Taylor, William Selby (fl1813-1850)

     Trower, Charles Farquahar (1811-1846)

     Wales, James (c1747-1795)

     Walter, M Emma (fl1821-1851)

     Watson, Francis (1907-1987)

     Wilkie, Sir David (1785-1841) Knight

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 44