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     A Nisbet & Son, Fireplace Makers

     Adam, Robert (1728-1792)

     Adam, William (1689-1748)

     Allan & Bogle, Glasgow, Bar Fitters

     Anderson, Sir Robert Rowand (1834-1921) Knight

     Archer, Alexander (fl1830-1840)

     Archibald, James A M (fl1945-1955)

     Armstrong, Robert Bruce (fl1883-1904)

     Ballantine, James (1808-1877)

     Bersu, Professor Gerhard (1889-1964)

     Billings, Robert William (1813-1874)

     Bonnar, Thomas (1810-1873)

     Bonnar, Thomas (fl1700-1900)

     Bouquet, M (1819-1876) Artist

     Boutchart, William (fl1700-1721)

     Bryce, David (1803-1876)

     Cameron, Charles (? 1740-1812)

     Carrick, Alexander (1883-1966)

     Christie, Alexander (1807-1860)

     Clark, H Francis (1902-1971)

     Claygate Old English Fireplaces

     Cooper, Richard (1705-1746)

     Craig, James (1744-1795)

     Dale, Randall Poole (fl1840-1847)

     Davison, Thomas Raffles (1853-1937)

     Dobie & Son Ltd, Interior Decorators

     Drummond, James (1816-1877)

     Dunbar, Lady Sophia (1814-1909)

     Giles, James William (1801-1870)

     Hadden, Thomas (fl1900-1930)

     Hamilton, Robert (d1925)

     Hawkins, Kate (1896-1989)

     Ian G Lindsay & Partners, Architectural Practice

     Jackson, Charles D'Orville Pilkington (1887-1973)

     James Salmon, Son & Gillespie, Architectural Practice and Designers

     John Watherston & Sons, Architectural Practice

     Kidd, Lewis (fl1800-1900)

     Leith, Samuel (fl1840-1847)

     Lorimer, Sir Robert Stodart (1864-1929) Knight

     Maculloch & Gow, Glasgow, Decorators

     Marshall, John (fl1875-1883)

     McWilliam, Colin (1929-1989)

     Minton, Hollins & Co, Tile and Ceramic Designers

     Morison, James (fl1825-1835)

     Moxon & Carfrae, House Painters and Decorators

     Murray, James (fl1833-1834)

     Nasmyth, James (1808-1890)

     Neilson, George (1830-1910)

     Paterson, John (d1832)

     Paton, Waller Hugh (1828-1895)

     Plummer, Hugh (fl1940-1946)

     Portsmouth, Percy Herbert (1874-1953)

     Powell & Sons, Stained Glass Artists

     Pringle, Thomas (fl1830-1834)

     Ritchie, Alexander A (fl1825-1830)

     Roos, Alexander (fl1843-1844)

     Sandby, Paul (1725-1809)

     Scott, Sir George Gilbert (1811-1878) Knight

     Sellars, James (1843-1888)

     Skene, James Henry (1775-1864)

     Stewart, George (fl1851-1885)

     Sutherland, Robert G (fl1900-1930)

     Waring & Gillow, Cabinetmakers

     Whytock & Reid, Cabinetmakers

     William & Charles Trotter of Edinburgh, Furniture Makers

     William Scott Morton & Co, Architectural and Interior Designers

     Wylie, Henry (1914-1996)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 67