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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Adye, Sir John Miller (1819-1900) Knight

     Baker, J (fl1837-1839)

     Barry, P J S (fl1835-1840)

     Beckwith, R (fl1941-1945)

     Berry, Oscar Rowland (bc 1898)

     Corbett, R C (fl1860-1865)

     Dalton, James Cecil (fl1850-1900)

     Davies, Thomas (c 1737-1812)

     Fuller, W W (fl1830-1835)

     Hobday, Edward Arthur Ponsonby (1859-1931)

     Holiday, Gilbert Joseph (1879-1937)

     Koehler, George Frederic (d1800)

     Laws, G (fl1910-1919)

     MacColl, E (--)

     Mackie, William Main (fl1910-1917)

     Massiot, Gabriel (fl1750-1755)

     Maule, George (fl1785-1792)

     McCrea, Robert Barlow (fl1842-1869)

     Milner, Richard John Neville (fl1900-1905)

     Mundy, Sir Robert Miller (1813-1892) Knight

     Nicholson, C A (fl1900-1921)

     Ormsby, J W (fl1826-1828)

     Peyman, Josephine Esdaile (fl1939-1945)

     Power, H Septimus (1879-1951)

     Ramsden, John Charles F (fl1854-1858)

     Ross, Sir Hew Dalrymple (1779-1868) Knight

     Rowlands, David (fl1985-1986)

     Rupert, (1618-1682) Prince, Count Palatinate of the Rhine

     Sandby, Paul (1725-1809)

     Seccombe, Thomas Strong (1840-1899)

     Strange, Thomas Bland (fl1840-1885)

     Thorndike, Charles Faunce (fl1838-1846)

     Thrale, Charles (fl1935-1947)

     Verbruggen, Pieter (fl1770-1786)

     Wanklyn, Joan (d1990)

     Waring, Davina (fl1980-1989)

     Warren, Stanley (? 1917-1992)

     Weeks, Donald V (fl1940-1941)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 38