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     Blore, Edward (1787-1879)

     Bonomi, Ignatius (c 1787-1870)

     Brooks, James (1825-1901)

     Caldwell, Douglas Yuille (fl1939-1940)

     Cockerell, Sir Sydney Carlyle (1867-1962) Knight

     Dobson, John (1787-1865)

     Fowler, Charles Hodgson (1840-1910)

     George R Smith & Partners, Architectural Practice

     Hardwick, Philip Charles (1822-1892)

     Hays, J Wilson (1897-1968)

     Heslop, Arthur (1881-1955)

     Hodgkin, John (1766-1845)

     Hodgson & Fowler, Architectural Practice

     Johnson, Nerys (1942-2001)

     Jones, Sir Edward Coley Burne- (1833-1898) 1st Baronet

     Keux, John Henry Le (1812-1896)

     Laszlo, Philip Alexius de (1869-1937)

     Marsh, Sir Edward Howard (1872-1953) Knight

     Orsay, Alfred Guillaume Gabriel D' (1801-1852) Comte

     Pasmore, Edwin John Victor (1908-1998)

     Pattinson & Co, Upholsterers

     Paxton, Sir Joseph (1801-1865) Knight

     Summerson, Sir John Newenham (1904-1992) Knight

     Vulliamy, Lewis (1791-1871)

     Wagstaff, Charles Eden (fl1850-1851)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 25