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     1922 Group (William Munro), Edinburgh, Exhibiting Group

     Andre, Carl (b1935)

     Andrews, Michael (1928-1995)

     Bawden, Edward (1903-1989)

     Beuys, Joseph (1921-1986)

     Bone, Phyllis Mary (1894-1972)

     Colquhoun, Robert (1914-1962)

     Crozier, William (1893-1930)

     Delvaux, Paul (1897-1994)

     Demarco, Richard (b1930)

     Eardley, Joan Kathleen Harding (1921-1963)

     Fergusson, John Duncan (1874-1961)

     Finlay, Ian Hamilton (b1925)

     Freeman, Louis (1889-1972)

     Gage, Edward (b1925)

     Gillies, Sir William George (1898-1973) Knight

     Grant, Duncan James Corrowr (1885-1978)

     Haig, George Alexander Eugene Douglas (b1918) 2nd Earl Haig

     Havinden, Ashley (1903-1973)

     Hutchison, Sir William Oliphant (1889-1970) Knight

     Laing, Gerald Ogilvie (b1936)

     Larionov, Mikhail (1881-1964)

     Lumsden, Ernest Stephen (1883-1948)

     MacTaggart, Sir William (1903-1981) Knight

     Macbryde, Robert (1913-1966)

     Mackintosh, Charles Rennie (1868-1928)

     McLean, Bruce (b1944)

     Nash, David (b1945)

     Paolozzi, Sir Eduardo (1924-2005) Knight

     Penrose, Sir Roland Algernon (1900-1984) Knight

     Pryde, James (1866-1941)

     Pulsford, Charles (1913-1989)

     Schueler, Jon (1916-1992)

     Sekalski, Jozef (1904-1972)

     Staek, Klaus (b1938) Artist

     Turner, Helen Monro (1901-1977)

     Willats, Stephen (b1943)

     Zadkine, Ossip (1890-1967)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 38