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     A W Buchan & Co, Pottery Company

     Anderson, William (b1854)

     Archibald, Kay (1860-1935)

     Baines, Tony (fl1990-1995)

     Boyle, James (1872-1935)

     Briggs, Ernest Edward (1866-1913)

     Burt, Andrew (b1923)

     Burton, Nancy Jane (d1972)

     Caithness Glass Ltd

     Collins Crystal, Glass Engravers

     Constable, Jane (fl1930-1937)

     Crawford, Lindsay (b1952)

     Curwen, Edward (fl1930-1937)

     Deacons, John (fl1969-2002)

     Deas, William (fl1937-1938)

     Drummond, Francis (fl1930-1937)

     Forman, H Dorothy (fl1930-1937)

     Fulton, Alexander (b1934) Potter

     Gill, Pandora (b1957)

     Haan, Mike De (fl1900-2000)

     Haigh, Julian (b1969)

     Hill, A Stuart- (fl1918-1950)

     Huntingtower Mill, Textile Manufacturer

     John Moncrieff Ltd, Perth, Glass Makers

     John Shields & Co, Textile Designers

     Kennaway, Charles G (1860-1925)

     Kynaston, Joy (b1920)

     Lawers Farm Pottery

     Loch Leven Linen Works

     Logie, Donald (fl1990-1992)

     Lund, Neils Moeller (1863-1916)

     Maguire, John (b1962)

     Malloch, Stirling (1865-1901)

     Mann, Denis (fl1980-1983)

     Manson, Willie (fl1930-1940)

     Masterson, John A (b1867)

     McCorkindale, Flora (fl1930-1937)

     McLaren, D (fl1930-1937)

     Meredith, Stefanie (b1926)

     Milne, Joseph (1860-1910)

     Minogue, Coll (b1956)

     Monart & Vasart Collectors Club

     Montgomery, V A (fl1930-1937)

     Morison, M H (fl1930-1937)

     Morris, Paul (b1961)

     Muirhead, George (b1861)

     Murdoch, Lesley (fl1985-1991)

     Murray, Lord James Stewart (fl1930-1937)

     Murray, William Grant (1877-1950)

     Ness, James (b1868)

     Nisbet, Margaret D (1863-1935)

     Nisbet, Robert Buchan (1857-1942)

     Ogilvy, Flora (fl1930-1937)

     Peddie, T H (b1874)

     Perth Incorporation of Wrights

     Perth Museum & Art Gallery

     Perthshire Paperweights Ltd

     Proudfoot, James (b1908) Painter

     Proudfoot, William (1822-1901)

     Purvis, J Milne (b1885)

     Queen, Jeff (b1947)

     Ramsay, David Prophet (b1888)

     Rankin, Andrew Scott (1868-1942)

     Ruskin, John (1819-1900)

     Sanderson, Robert (b1952)

     Scotgold, Paperweight Makers and Glassworks

     Scott, Winifred Kennedy (1899-1940)

     Selkirk Glass, Paperweight Makers

     Seller, Jacqui (b1958)

     Shand, Robert (fl1990-1995)

     Shields, Amy (b1878)

     Shields, D Gordon (fl1937-1938)

     Shields, Harry G (1859-1935)

     Simpson, Ebenezer (fl1930-1937)

     Sinclair, Archie (b1895)

     Smith, John G Spence (b1890)

     Strain, Hilary (b1884)

     Strathearn Glass Ltd

     Stuart Crystal, Glass Makers

     The Studio, Strathyre, Pottery

     Thom, Lorna (b1960)

     Thomson, Robert Stewart (b1938)

     Underwood, Robert (b1897)

     Vasart Glass Ltd

     Waite, Jim (b1938)

     Walker, Robert (fl1930-1938)

     Watt, D Stratton (fl1930-1937)

     Waugh, Alison (fl1990-1995)

     Waugh, Sheona (b1962)

     Woodford, Jane R (b1945)

     Yellowlees, Walter (b1917)

     Ysart, Augustine (1907-1956)

     Ysart, Salvador (1887-1956)

     Ysart, Vincent (1909-1971)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 94