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     Allan, Hugh Ugolin (fl1880-1898)

     Allan, Jessica R (fl1875-1881)

     Anderson & Robertson Ltd, Textile Manufacturers

     Binstead, Earnest Arthur (fl1898-1908)

     Cameron, Sir David Young (1865-1945) Knight

     Charles Todd & Higginbotham, Textile Manufacturers

     Connal & Bannatyne, Childrens' Clothes Manufacturers

     D & J Anderson Ltd, Textile Manufacturers

     David Ligat & Son Ltd, Textile and Muslin Manufacturers

     Dumbarton Ropework Co Ltd

     Froude, William (1810-1879)

     Gourock Ropework Co, Textile Manufacturers

     Govan Weavers Society

     Guthrie, James (1874-1952)

     Harvill Press Ltd, Publishers

     Henry, George (1858-1943)

     Honeyman, Thomas John (1891-1971)

     Hour Press, Publishers

     Irving, Laurence Henry Forster (b1897)

     J & P Coats Ltd, Cotton Thread Manufacturers

     James Findlay & Co, Textile Manufacturers and Merchants

     James Mchaffie & Son Ltd, Bleachers

     James Porteous & Co Ltd, Woollen Manufacturers

     James Templeton & Co, Textile and Carpet Manufacturers

     John Brown & Co, Interior Designers Specializing in Ships' Fittings

     John Lean & Sons, Textile Manufacturers

     Lancaster, Duncan & Co, Calico Merchants and Printers

     Lavery, Sir John (1856-1941) Knight

     Leyde, Otto Theodor (1835-1897)

     McBey, James (1883-1959)

     McGregor, Alexander (1925-1977)

     Miller & Muter, Textile Designers and Printers

     Moore, Taggart & Co Ltd, Uniform Manufacturers

     Morris of Glasgow, Furniture Designers and Manufacturers

     National Joint Industry for the Carpet Trade

     New Lanark Mills, Textile Manufacturers

     Rupert Hart-Davis Ltd, Publishers

     Scottish Typographical Association: Dumfries branch

     Shepherd, Richard David (b1931)

     Staples Press Ltd, Printers

     Stoddart Holdings Ltd, Carpet Manufacturers

     Story, Elizabeth Maria Margaret Arnott (1866-1941)

     Strachan, Douglas (1875-1950)

     Tapestry Manufacturers' Association

     Templeton's Carpets Ltd Art Club, Glasgow

     The Linen Thread Co Ltd, Textile Manufacturers

     United Turkey Red Co Ltd, Textile Manufacturers, Dyers and Printers

     William Briggs & Co Ltd, Embroidery Manufacturers

     William Fulton & Sons Ltd, Textile Finishers

     William Peacock Ltd, Textile, Rope and Cord Manufacturers

     Wood, John (1788-1860)

     Wylie & Lochhead Ltd, Furniture Designers

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 52