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for Glasgow City Special Collections, The Mitchell Library

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     Adams, George Gamon (1821-1898)

     Allan, David (1744-1796)

     Amalgamated Society of Lithographic Printers, Glasgow Branch

     Baily, Edward Hodges (1788-1867)

     Bain, Donald (1904-1979)

     Ballantine, James (1808-1877)

     Bone, Stephen (1904-1958)

     Buego, John (fl1800-1808)

     Chantrey, Sir Francis Leggatt (1781-1841) Knight

     Cook, Richard (1784-1857)

     Cromek, Robert Hartley (1770-1812)

     Cruikshank, George (1792-1878)

     Dance, George (1741-1825)

     Daniell, William (1769-1837)

     Dobson, William Charles Thomas (1817-1898)

     Eastlake, Sir Charles Lock (1793-1865) Knight

     Farington, Joseph (1747-1821)

     Flaxman, John (1755-1826)

     Foulis, Robert (1707-1776)

     French, Annie (1872-1965)

     Frith, H P (fl1860-1863)

     Fuseli, Henry (1741-1825)

     Gilbert, Sir John (1817-1897) Knight

     Glasgow & West of Scotland Lady Artists Club

     Grant, Sir Francis (1803-1878) Knight

     Gray, Alasdair James (b1934)

     Guthrie, James (1874-1952)

     Heath, William (fl1800-1810)

     Herdman, Robert (1829-1888)

     Holland, Sir Nathaniel Dance (1735-1811) Baronet

     Hook, James Clarke (1819-1907)

     Landseer, Sir Edwin Henry (1802-1873) Knight

     Lewis, John Frederick (1805-1876)

     Mackintosh, Charles Rennie (1868-1928)

     Maclise, Daniel (1806-1870)

     Marks, Henry Stacy (1829-1898)

     Nasmyth, James (1808-1890)

     Neilson, David (b1953)

     Nollekens, Joseph (1737-1823)

     Orchardson, Sir William Quiller (1832-1910) Knight

     Paton, Sir Joseph Noel (1821-1901) Knight

     Pringle, John Quinton (1864-1926)

     Raeburn, Sir Henry (1756-1823) Knight

     Rajon, Paul Adolphe (1842-1888)

     Ramsay, Allan (1713-1784)

     Reid, Sir George (1841-1913) Knight

     Reynolds, Sir Joshua (1723-1792) Knight

     Riviere, Briton (1840-1920)

     Roberts, David (1796-1864)

     Robertson, Walford Graham (1867-1948)

     Royal Academy of Arts

     Ruskin, John (1819-1900)

     Sandby, Paul (1725-1809)

     Sant, James (1820-1916)

     Scottish Painters Society: Govan Branch

     Scottish Typographical Association

     Simpson, William (1823-1899)

     Soane, Sir John (1753-1837) Knight

     Stanfield, William Clarkson (1793-1867)

     Storey, George Adolphus (1834-1919)

     Stothard, Thomas (1755-1834)

     Tadema, Sir Lawrence Alma- (1836-1912) Knight

     Tassie, James (1735-1799)

     Third Eye Centre, Art Centre

     Thomson, Alexander (1817-1875)

     Turner, Joseph Mallord William (1775-1851)

     Wilkie, Sir David (1785-1841) Knight

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 67