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     Adam, Robert (1728-1792)

     Adams, John (fl1676-1684)

     Allom, Thomas (1804-1872)

     Ambleside & District Camera Club

     Anonymous, Architect

     Arthur W & Hubert Simpson, Woodcarvers

     Brockbank, George (fl1875-1925)

     Collingwood, William Gershom (1854-1932)

     Cruikshank, George (1792-1878)

     Curwen, John Flavel (1860-1932)

     Everson, William (fl1890-1934)

     Fawcett, Thomas (fl1817-1869)

     Gardner, Daniel (1750-1805)

     Garside, William (fl1820-1830)

     Green, William (1760-1823)

     Guild of Lakeland Craftsmen

     Jay, Raymond (fl1955-1985)

     Jennings, James (b1891)

     Kendal & Lake District Society of Artists

     Kendal Art Society

     Kendal Photographic Society

     Lakeland Rural Industries, Borrowdale

     Mason & Wilson Ltd, Cabinetmakers

     Mawson, Thomas Hayton (1861-1933)

     Nicholson, Emily (fl1842-1869)

     Otley, Jonathan (1766-1856)

     Reynolds, W W (1820-1825)

     Richard Cumnus Shaw, Stephen Shaw & Malcolm G Shaw, Architectural Practice

     Ruskin, John (1819-1900)

     Smirke, Sir Robert (1781-1867) Knight

     South Lakeland Decorative and Fine Arts Society

     St Martins Langdale Linen Industry

     T R Paxton & Son, Cabinetmakers

     Taylor, J (fl1922-1928)

     Thomas H Mawson & Son, Architectural practice

     Vasconcellos, Josefina de (1904-2005)

     Webster, Francis (1767-1827)

     Webster, George (1797-1864)

     Westmorland Arts Trust

     Weston, George Frederick (1819-1887)

     White, C (fl1970-1979)

     Wilson, Jonty (fl1834-1884)

     Wilson, William (fl1860-1870)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 43