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     Ashbee, Charles Robert (1863-1942)

     Baker, Oliver (1856-1939)

     Balfour, Eustace James Anthony (1854-1911)

     Barnsley, Sidney (1865-1926)

     Blow, Detmar Jellings (1867-1939)

     Boyce, George Price (1826-1897)

     Brewer, Henry William (d1903)

     Caroe, William Douglas (1857-1938)

     Christian, Ewan (1814-1895)

     Clarke, Samuel Barling (fl1852-1874)

     Cockerell, Sir Sydney Carlyle (1867-1962) Knight

     Crane, Walter (1845-1915)

     Fletcher, Hanslip (1874-1955)

     Frampton, Sir George James (1860-1928) Knight

     Gimson, Ernest William (1864-1919)

     Griggs, Frederick Landseer Maur (1876-1938)

     Guillon, Adolphe IrenĂ©e (1829-1896)

     Heal, Sir Ambrose (1872-1959) Knight

     Holiday, Henry (1839-1927)

     Hunt, William Holman (1827-1910)

     Jackson, Sir Thomas Graham (1835-1924) 1st Baronet

     Jones, Georgiana Burne- (1840-1920)

     Jones, Sir Edward Coley Burne- (1833-1898) 1st Baronet

     Lethaby, William Richard (1857-1931)

     Lewis, Percy Wyndham (1884-1957)

     Lutyens, Sir Edwin Landseer (1869-1944) Knight

     May, Phil (1864-1903)

     Micklethwaite, John Thomas (1843-1906)

     Morgan, William Frend De (1839-1917)

     Morris, May (1862-1938)

     Morris, William (1834-1896)

     Muthesius, Hermann (1861-1927)

     Norman, Philip (c 1843-1931)

     Peers, Sir Charles Reed (1868-1952) Knight

     Powell, Alfred Hoare (c1865-1960)

     Poynter, Sir Edward John (1836-1919) Knight

     Rothenstein, Sir William (1872-1945) Knight

     Ruskin, John (1819-1900)

     Sedding, Edmund (1836-1868)

     Shaw, Richard Norman (1831-1912)

     Steer, Philip Wilson (1860-1942)

     Street, George Edmund (1824-1881)

     Voysey, Charles Francis Annesley (1857-1941)

     Watts, George Frederic (1817-1904)

     Webb, Philip Speakman (1831-1915)

     Webb, Sir Aston (1849-1930) Knight

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 46