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     Austin Seeley & Co, Artificial Stone Manufacturers

     Beveridge, David (fl1880-1893)

     Brasier, Baron (fl1700-1800)

     Caster, Thomas (fl1747-1758)

     Cheere, John (1709-1787)

     Chippendale, Thomas (1718-1779)

     Collinson & Lock, Furniture Makers and Decorators

     D Taylor & Son, Marble Cutters and Carvers

     Gillow & Co, Furniture Makers

     Gordon, John (fl1748-1756)

     Hepburn, Simon (fl1851-1866)

     Landseer, Sir Edwin Henry (1802-1873) Knight

     MacDonald, Laurence (1799-1878)

     Masters, William (fl1746-1761)

     Penman & Hedderwick, Marble Cutters

     Robert & Henry Chipchase

     Rouchead, Alex (1750-1755)

     Sanders & Co, Sculptors and Monumental Masons

     West, John (fl1730-1737)

     Zoffany, Johann (1734-1810)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 20