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     Armitage, Edward (1817-1896)

     Bedford, Ella M (fl1882-1907)

     Bedford, J B (fl1874-1910)

     Blenkinsop, G (fl1932-1939)

     Broderick, Muriel G (fl1946-1947)

     Cafe, T Watt (fl1907-1908)

     Callow, John (fl1875-1878)

     Cole, George Vicat (1833-1893)

     Collins, Henry (fl1884-1885)

     Cooke, Wake (fl1878-)

     Coombe, Helen (fl1893-1894)

     Cross, (fl1855-1857)

     Derrick, F (fl1920-1928)

     Dicksee, Margaret Isabel (1858-1903)

     Dicksee, Sir Francis Bernard (1853-1928) Knight

     Edwards, F O (fl1930-1932)

     Fabian, Ernest (fl1888-1889)

     Fripp, Innes (fl1922-1963)

     Gregory, C (fl1877-1879)

     Hailes, C M (fl1885-1887)

     Hall, Daphne (fl1957-1958)

     Hartwell, Winifred (fl1939-1940)

     Howatson, Joan (fl1946-1948)

     Hyde, - (fl1851-1856)

     Jackson, Frederick Hamilton (1848-1923)

     Lassmann, Louise (fl1878-1881)

     Laurence, Samuel (1811-1884)

     Leonard, John Henry (1834-1904)

     Luard, Lowes Dickinson (1872-1944)

     Luard, Veronica

     Macrione, Emily (fl1849-1869)

     Marshall, Herbert Menzies (1841-1913)

     McKillop, M (fl1910-1917)

     Mulready, Paul A (fl1848-1853)

     Pitts, Mary (fl1890-1894)

     Queen's College, London

     Repington, Alfred (fl1912-)

     Smith, A D Horsley- (fl1940-1948)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 38