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     Atkin Brothers (Silversmiths) Ltd, Sheffield

     Barker, Robert (fl1862-1864)

     Bell, John (1811-1895)

     Boardman, Glossop & Co, Sheffield, Manufacturing Silversmiths

     Bradshaw, Owen (fl1928-1988)

     Broadhead, William Smithson (1889-1960)

     Caldecott, Randolph (1846-1886)

     Carr, John (1723-1807)

     Chantrey, Sir Francis Leggatt (1781-1841) Knight

     Charles Kirkby & Sons Ltd, Cutlery and Wireless Cabinetmakers

     Church of England: Diocese of Sheffield

     Cooper Art Gallery, Barnsley

     Cooper Bros & Sons Ltd, Silversmiths and Cutlery Manufacturers

     Cooper, Samuel Joshua (1830-1913)

     Crane, Walter (1845-1915)

     Dresser, Christopher (1834-1904)

     Dunn, William (fl1779-1797)

     E W Oakes & Co Ltd, Brassfounders and Silver Refiners

     Eadon, Edward (fl1860-1863)

     Eldon, Minns & Co Ltd, Architectural Practice

     Flockton, William (1804-1864)

     Frank Cobb & Co Ltd, Manufacturing Silversmiths

     Frank Tory & Sons, Architectural Sculptors

     Gatty family of Ecclesfield

     Hadfield, Cawkwell, Davidson & Partners, Architectural Practice

     Huggins, William (1820-1884)

     Inglefield, E A (fl1845-1870)

     James Dixon & Sons Ltd, Manufacturers of Silver, Silver-plated Britannia Metal Goods

     John Manuel & Son, Furniture Designers

     Jones, Sir Edward Coley Burne- (1833-1898) 1st Baronet

     Killingbeck, Benjamin (fl1763-1796)

     Landseer, Sir Edwin Henry (1802-1873) Knight

     Leclere & Bray, Sheffield, Engravers

     Leighton, Frederic (1830-1896) Baron Leighton of Stretton

     Leighton, H B (d1977)

     Martin, Hall & Co, Cutlers and Silversmiths

     Matthew Fenton & Co, Silver Platers

     Maurier, George Louis Palmella Busson Du (1834-1896)

     McIntyre, Joseph Wrightson (fl1866-1894)

     Millais, Sir John Everett (1829-1896) 1st Baronet

     Morris, William (1834-1896)

     Nollekens, Joseph (1737-1823)

     Old Park Silver Mills Co Ltd

     Pickersgill, Henry William (1782-1875)

     Poynter, Sir Edward John (1836-1919) Knight

     Reynolds, Sir Joshua (1723-1792) Knight

     Roberts & Belk Ltd, Sheffield, Silversmiths

     Roberts, Samuel (1763-1848)

     Roberts, Smith & Co, Silver Platers

     Rockingham China Factory

     Ruskin, John (1819-1900)

     Salvin, Anthony (1799-1881)

     Schetky, John Christian (1778-1874)

     Sheffield Arts & Crafts Guild

     Sheffield League of Arts

     Sheffield Photographic Society

     Sheffield Smelting Co Ltd, Precious Metal Refiners

     Sheffield Society for The Encouragement of Art

     Sheffield Society of Architects & Surveyors

     Stannus, Hugh Hutton (1840-1908)

     Stuart, James (1713-1788)

     Stubbs, George (1724-1806)

     Thomas Bradbury & Sons Ltd, Silversmiths

     Topham, W (fl1876-1881)

     Tudor & Leader, Silver Platers

     Varley, Samuel J B (fl1875-1880)

     W & G Sissons Ltd, Manufacturing Silversmiths

     Walker & Hall Ltd, Silver platers

     Watson, Adam Francis (1856-1932)

     Watts, George Frederic (1817-1904)

     Whymper, Edward (1840-1911)

     Wildcat Cards Ltd

     William Hutton & Sons Ltd, Silver Platers

     William Tomlin, Cabinetmaker and Upholsterer

     Wood, Robert (fl1745-1753)

     Woods, Richard (1716-1793)

     Wooton, John (c 1682-1765)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 77