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     Armstrong & Gardner, Architectural Practice

     Buckler, Charles Alban (1824-1905)

     Buckler, John (1770-1851)

     Burn, William (1789-1870) Architect

     Canal, Giovanni Antonio (1697-1768)

     Cust, Sir Lionel Henry (1859-1929) Knight

     Devis, Arthur (? 1711-1787)

     Eclipse Cabinet Works Co Ltd

     Fawcus, Alice M (fl1883-1885)

     Gardner & Baldwin, Architectural Practice

     Gerbier, Sir Balthasar (? 1591-1667) Knight

     Giachosa, J G R A (fl1870-1878)

     Gibbons, Grinling (1648-1720)

     Gibson, John (1817-1892)

     Government School of Design, Coventry

     Green, J W (1857-1942)

     Grisoni, Guiseppe (1692-1769)

     Hacker, Arthur (1858-1919)

     Harding, George Perfect (1780-1853)

     Hawkes, N (fl1950-1986)

     Hawkes/Cave-Browne-Cave, Architectural Practice

     Hayward, Richard (1748-1800)

     Heere, Lukas De (1534-1584)

     Hoare, William (1707-1792)

     Holland & Holt, (Warwick), Stained Glass Manufacturers

     Holland, William (d1883)

     Holt, Frank (fl1800-1900)

     Kauffmann, Angelica (1741-1807)

     Kirby, Thomas (fl1800-1810)

     Lake, C A (fl1885-1895)

     Lawrence, Sir Thomas (1769-1830) Knight

     Leamington Borough Art Gallery

     Leamington Priors Art School

     Leamington School of Art

     Lely, Sir Peter (1618-1680) Knight

     London, F H (1894-1897)

     Mason, Robert (fl1620-1623)

     Maveschall, P (fl1692-1693)

     McKinnon, Finlay (fl1891-1893)

     Midland Counties Stained Glass Works, (Warwick)

     Miller, Frederick (fl1850-1859)

     Miller, Sanderson (1717-1780)

     N Hawkes & H Bloomer, Architectural Practice

     Newdigate, Edward (fl1857-1858)

     Newdigate, Sir Roger (1719-1806) 5th Baronet

     Newdigate, Sophia (fl1743-1753)

     Pennant, David (1763-1841)

     Philips, Richard (1681-1741)

     Piranesi, Giovanni Battista (1720-1778)

     Poynter, Thomas (fl1730-1732)

     Pugin, Augustus Welby Northmore (1812-1852)

     Romney, George (1734-1802)

     Ross, William (fl1630-1636)

     Royal Birmingham & Midland Counties Art Union

     Rysbrack, John Michael (1694-1770)

     Science & Art School (Evening) Wood Institute, Rugby

     Scott, Sir George Gilbert (1811-1878) Knight

     Seeman, Isaac (fl1720-1751)

     Seymour, Sir George Francis Alexander (1871-1940)

     Stained Glass & Decorative Works, Warwick

     Stringer, E (fl1780-1785)

     Strutt, Jacob George (1784-1867)

     Stubbs, George A (fl1837-1860)

     Thompson, N (fl1920-1928)

     Wallace, Sir Richard (1818-1890) Baronet

     Waller, J W (fl1820-1827)

     Ward, Leslie Matthew (1851-1922)

     Wilkie, Sir David (1785-1841) Knight

     Willement, Thomas (1786-1871)

     Wood, L E (fl1900-1906)

     Wren, Sir Christopher (1632-1723) Knight

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 71