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     Anrep, Boris (1883-1969)

     Ashington Art Group

     Bell, Arthur Clive Heward (1881-1964)

     Bell, Vanessa (1879-1961)

     Berger, John (b1926)

     Bloomsbury Group, Literary and Artistic Group

     Bussy, Jane (1906-1960)

     Bussy, Simon Albert (1870-1954)

     Carrington, Dora (1893-1932)

     Clark, Jane Currie (b1906)

     Clark, Kenneth Mackenzie (1903-1983) Baron Clark

     Cocteau, Jean (1889-1963)

     Coldstream, Sir William Menzies (1908-1987) Knight

     Davie, Alan (1920-2014)

     Derain, Andre (1880-1954)

     Fry, Roger Eliot (1866-1934)

     Gardner, Diana (1913-1997)

     Gowing, Lawrence Burnett (1918-1991)

     Grant, Duncan James Corrowr (1885-1978)

     Harrison, Lawrence Alexander (1866-1937)

     John, Augustus Edwin (1878-1961)

     Jones, Allan Gwynne- (1892-1982)

     Kelly, Sir Gerald Festus (1879-1972) Knight

     Kipling, John Lockwood (1837-1911)

     Lamb, Sir Walter Rangeley Maitland (1882-1961) Knight

     Lindsay, Ruby (1887-1919)

     Mass-Observation Archive

     Matisse, Henri Emile Benoit (1869-1954)

     Mendelssohn, Anna (1948-2009)

     Morrice, James Wilson (1865-1924)

     Mortimer, Charles Raymond Bell (1895-1980)

     O'Conor, Roderic (1860-1940)

     Picasso, Pablo Ruiz (1881-1973)

     Piper, Sir David Towry (1918-1990) Knight

     Preece, Patricia (1900-1964)

     Read, Sir Herbert Edward (1893-1968) Knight

     Rogers, Claude Maurice (1907-1979)

     Rothenstein, Sir William (1872-1945) Knight

     Sands, Dame Ethel (1873-1962)

     Shepherd, F H S (1877-1946)

     Sickert, Walter Richard (1860-1942)

     Smith, Sir Matthew Arnold Bracy (1879-1959) Knight

     Turnstile Press, Publishers

     West, Victoria Mary Sackville- (1892-1962)

     Wilson, Sir Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt- (1883-1950) 14th Baron Berners

     Zadkine, Ossip (1890-1967)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 46