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     Aiken, John Macdonald (1880-1961)

     Andrews, Arthur Henry (1906-1966)

     Armfield, Maxwell Ashby (1881-1972)

     Bradbury, Arthur Royce (1892-1977)

     Braithwaite, G H (-) Artist

     Campbell, Nesta Jennings (fl1927-1940)

     Dadd, Frank (1851-1929)

     Dodd, Francis (1874-1949)

     Dugdale, Thomas Cantrell (1880-1952)

     Dumbleton, Bertram W (-)

     Farquharson, Joseph (1846-1935)

     Fildes, Sir Samuel Luke (1844-1927) Knight

     Gilling, Simon (-)

     Haggar, Reginald George (b1905)

     Hardy, Heywood (1842-1933)

     Harrison, Claude William (b1922)

     Hyatt, Edwin (-)

     Joy, George William (1844-1925)

     Knight, Dame Laura (1877-1970)

     Knight, Harold (1874-1961)

     Landseer, Sir Edwin Henry (1802-1873) Knight

     Lytton, Neville Stephen Bulwer- (1879-1951) 3rd Earl of Lytton

     Minton, John Francis (1917-1957)

     Munnings, Sir Alfred James (1878-1959) Knight

     Nash, Eustace P E (b1886)

     Nevinson, Christopher Richard Wynne (1889-1946)

     Nisbet, Noel Laura (1887-1956)

     Pearson, Kathleen (1898-1961)

     Robertson, Walford Graham (1867-1948)

     Saul, Isabel (1895-1982)

     Sommerville, Howard (1873-1952)

     Southall, Joseph Edward (1861-1944)

     Stallard, Constance (b1870)

     Thomson, Alfred Reginald (1895-1979)

     Turner, William Mcallister (b1877)

     Ward, Leslie (fl1915-1970)

     Welch, Lucy Kemp- (1869-1958)

     Wellesley, Sir Victor Alexander Augustus Henry (1876-1954) Knight

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 38