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for Northamptonshire Record Office

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     Architectural Society of the Archdeaconry of Northampton

     Birdsall & Son Ltd, Northampton, Fine Art BookBinders and Printers

     Clarke, George (1790-1868)

     Cowen, William (1797-1860)

     Flesher, Gilbert (1772-1845)

     George Webb & Sons Ltd, Northampton, Shoemakers

     Gotch, John Alfred (1852-1942)

     Hakewill, Arthur William (1808-1856)

     Hartshorne, Charles Henry (1802-1865)

     Holland, Sir Nathaniel Dance (1735-1811) Baronet

     J Blackwell & Partners, Architectural practice

     Law, Harris & Croft, Architectural Practice

     Moore, Henry Spencer (1898-1986)

     Nattes, John Claude (c 1765-1822)

     Nichols, John Bowyer (1779-1863)

     Northampton Arts Association

     Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire & Huntingdonshire Association of Architects

     Papillon, David (1581-1659)

     Repton, Humphry (1752-1818)

     Reynolds, Samuel L (fl1890-1893)

     Roubiliac, Louis Francois (? 1705-1762)

     Street, George Edmund (1824-1881)

     Strickland, William (fl1845-1855)

     T H Higgins Ltd, Builders, Merchants and Monumental Masons

     T P Alton & Sons, Wellingborough, Jewellers

     Talbot, Brown & Fisher, Architectural Practice

     Watts, George Frederic (1817-1904)

     Webb, John (1611-1672)

     William Thomas Cox & Co, Monumental Masons

     Wyatville, Sir Jeffry (1766-1840) Knight

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 30