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     Browne, Hablot Knight (1815-1882)

     Buss, Robert William (1804-1875)

     Cattermole, George (1800-1868)

     Cruikshank, George (1792-1878)

     Egg, Augustus Leopold (1816-1863)

     Fildes, Sir Samuel Luke (1844-1927) Knight

     Frith, William Powell (1819-1909)

     Gillies, Margaret (1803-1887)

     Kitton, Frederic George (1856-1904)

     Landseer, Sir Edwin Henry (1802-1873) Knight

     Leech, John (1817-1864)

     Lehmann, Rudolf (1819-1905)

     Leslie, Charles Robert (1794-1859)

     Maclise, Daniel (1806-1870)

     Millais, Sir John Everett (1829-1896) 1st Baronet

     Perugini, Charles Edward (1839-1918)

     Perugini, Katherine Elizabeth Macready (1838-1929)

     Stanfield, William Clarkson (1793-1867)

     Stone, Frank (1800-1859)

     Stone, Marcus (1840-1921)

     Wilkie, Sir David (1785-1841) Knight

     Woolner, Thomas (1825-1892)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 22