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     Abercrombie, Sir Leslie Patrick (1879-1957) Knight

     Adams, Thomas (1871-1940)

     Allen, Charles John (1862-1956)

     Bayley, Stephen (b1951)

     Brock, Sir Thomas (1847-1922) Knight

     Carpenter, Janice (fl1986-)

     Cockerell, Charles Robert (1788-1863)

     Craig, Edward Gordon (1872-1966)

     Elmes, Harvey Lonsdale (1814-1847)

     Elmes, James (1782-1862)

     Felix Holt & Partners, Architectural Practice

     Ford, Edward Onslow (1852-1901)

     Forshaw, John Henry (1895-1973)

     Frampton, Sir George James (1860-1928) Knight

     Gibson, John (1790-1866)

     Gilbert, Sir Alfred (1854-1934) Knight

     Hay, John (1873-1959)

     Henri, Adrian (1932-2000)

     Holford, William Graham (1907-1975) Baron Holford

     Hunt, William Holman (1827-1910)

     John, Augustus Edwin (1878-1961)

     John, Sir William Goscombe (1860-1952) Knight

     Leech, John (1817-1864)

     Leighton, Frederic (1830-1896) Baron Leighton of Stretton

     Liverpool School of Architecture & Applied Design

     Lutyens, Sir Edwin Landseer (1869-1944) Knight

     Morris, May (1862-1938)

     Murray, Charles Fairfax (1849-1919)

     Pomeroy, Frederick William (1856-1924)

     Rathbone, Hannah Mary (1798-1878)

     Reilly, Sir Charles Herbert (1874-1948) Knight

     Rushton, Edward (1796-1851)

     Ruskin, John (1819-1900)

     Stephenson, Gordon (1908-1997)

     Thornycroft, Sir William Hamo (1850-1925) Knight

     Wright, Henry Myles (b1908)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 36