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for Towneley Hall Art Gallery and Museums

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     Brindit, Reginald (1883-1960)

     Cookesley, Margaret Murray (d1927)

     Dicksee, Sir Francis Bernard (1853-1928) Knight

     Gilbert, Sir Alfred (1854-1934) Knight

     Gilbert, Walter (1872-1945)

     Graham, Peter (1836-1921)

     Greenwood, Frank (fl1929-1935)

     Hamerton, Philip Gilbert (1834-1894)

     Hickson, Charles (b1957)

     Leaver, Noel Harry (1889-1951)

     Leighton, Edmund Blair (1852-1922)

     Loke, Simon (fl1980-1990)

     Macwhirter, John (1839-1911)

     Penley, Aaron Edwin (1807-1870)

     Reekie, William Maxwell (1869-1948)

     Spencer, Liam (b1964)

     Towneley Hall Art Gallery & Museum

     Warburton, Stanley (b1919)

     Whitaker, J T (1882-1967)

     Wilde, David (b1931)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 20