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     Audubon, John James Laforest (1785-1851)

     Barry, Sir Charles (1795-1860) Knight

     Biffin, Sarah (1784-1850)

     Broadbent, John (1803-1842)

     Bullock, William (fl1808-1827)

     Burn, William (1789-1870) Architect

     Chubb, Ralph Nicholas (1892-1960)

     Colenso, William (1811-1899)

     Cooke, Isaac (1846-1922)

     Coore, Isaac (1846-1922)

     Copeman, Constance Gertrude (1864-1953)

     Derby, William (1786-1847)

     Elmes, Harvey Lonsdale (1814-1847)

     Finnie, John (1829-1907)

     Gallery Luncheon Club, Walker Gallery, Liverpool, Art Club

     Garraway, George Hervey (1846-1935)

     Gilpin, William Sawrey (1762-1843)

     Hawkins, Benjamin Waterhouse (fl1832-1841)

     Hazlehurst, Thomas (fl1760-1818)

     Herculaneum Potteries

     Hole, Henry Fulke Plantagenet Woolicombe (d1820)

     John Sadler, Pottery Printer

     John, Augustus Edwin (1878-1961)

     Joseph, Joseph (fl1802-1807)

     Kaye, William (fl1840-1850)

     Knight, Henry Gally (1786-1846)

     Kurtz, Andrew George (1825-1890)

     Lawrence, Sir Thomas (1769-1830) Knight

     Lear, Edward (1812-1888)

     Liverpool Architectural Society

     Liverpool Society of Fine Arts

     Martindale Massey & Co, Ink and Blacking Manufacturers

     Mayer, Joseph (1803-1886)

     McGhie, Robin (1922-2012)

     Nesfield, William Andrews (1793-1881)

     Picton, Sir James Allanson (1805-1889) Knight

     Preston, Edward Carter (1884-1965)

     Read, Sir Herbert Edward (1893-1968) Knight

     Roscoe, William (1753-1831)

     Sadler, John (1720-1789)

     Sandon Studios Society, Art Society

     Smith, George Herbert Tyson (1883-1972)

     Statter, Thomas (1816-1891)

     Stubbs, William (fl1830-1866)

     Wedgwood, Josiah (1769-1843)

     Westmacott, Sir Richard (1775-1856) Knight

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 46