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     Ashbee, Charles Robert (1863-1942)

     Bosence, Susan (1913-1996)

     Brzeska, Henri Gaudier- (1891-1915)

     Chermayeff, Serge (1900-1996)

     Collins, Cecil (1908-1989)

     Ellis, Sir Bertram Clough Williams- (1883-1978) Knight

     Elmhirst, Dorothy Whitney (1887-1968)

     Elmhirst, Leonard Knight (1893-1974)

     Fry, Roger Eliot (1866-1934)

     Gropius, Walter (1883-1969)

     Heckroth, Heinrich (1901-1970)

     Hodgkins, Frances Mary (1869-1947)

     Leach, Bernard (1887-1979)

     Leach, David (b1911)

     Leighton, Claire (1899-1989)

     Lescaze, William Edmond (1896-1969)

     Milne, Oswald Partridge (1885-1968)

     Moore, Henry Spencer (1898-1986)

     Nicholson, Benjamin Lauder (1894-1982)

     Nicholson, Winifred (1893-1981)

     Piper, Sir David Towry (1918-1990) Knight

     Pritchard, John Craven (1899-1992)

     Soukop, Willi (1907-1995)

     Strangways, Jane Sylvia Fox- (fl1929-1974)

     Tanner, Heather (fl1910-1940)

     Tanner, Robin (1904-1988)

     Tobey, Mark (1890-1976)

     Weir, William (d1865) Artist

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 28