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     Ballantyne, John (1815-1897)

     Bamford, Samuel (1788-1872)

     Barry, Sir Charles (1795-1860) Knight

     Bell, John Zephaniah (1794-1884)

     Bowker Bank Print Works, Calico Printers

     British Cotton & Wool Dyers Association Ltd

     Broad Oak Printworks, Textile Printers

     Buckley, G (fl1800-1900)

     Burgess, Arthur (fl1854-1866)

     Butterworth, Walter (1862-1935)

     Calico Printers Association Ltd

     Calvert, Charles (1785-1852)

     Clarkson, Francis (1860-1860)

     Collier, John (1708-1786)

     Collier, John (fl1736-1764)

     Darbyshire, Draughtsman

     Eastlake, Sir Charles Lock (1793-1865) Knight

     Etty, William (1787-1849)

     Fielding, Anthony Vandyke Copley (1787-1855)

     G & J Kitcat Ltd, Bookbinders

     Hargreaves, Dugdale & Co, Calico Printers

     Harrop & Ogden, Calico Printers

     Harry S Fairhurst & Son, Architectural Practice

     Hayfield Printing Co Ltd, Calico Printers

     Henry Fielding & Bros, Calico Printers

     Henry Kay & Co, Calico Printers

     Horsfall, Thomas Coglan (1841-1932)

     Hull, William (1820-1880)

     J & N Philips & Co Ltd, Textile Manufacturers

     James Bury & Co, Calico Printers

     James Thomson, Brothers & Sons, Calico Printers

     John Wilkinson & Co, Calico Printers

     Kay, William (fl1800-1900)

     Latham, William (fl1814-1825)

     Lawrence, Sir Thomas (1769-1830) Knight

     Laycock, Samuel (1826-1893)

     Letherbrow, John Henry (fl1877-1881)

     Lightfoot, John (1774-1820)

     Lightfoot, John (1832-1872)

     Lightfoot, John Emmanuel (1802-1893)

     Lightfoot, Thomas (1811-1866)

     Linnell, John (1792-1882)

     Linton, William (1791-1876)

     Lockett, Crossland & Co, Textile Printers

     Maclise, Daniel (1806-1870)

     Manchester Amateur Photographic Society

     Manchester Art Museum

     Manchester New Town Hall (Jubilee Exhibition)

     Manchester Photographic Society

     Mercer, John (1791-1866)

     Millais, Sir John Everett (1829-1896) 1st Baronet

     Moir & Co, Calico Printers

     National Society of Operative Printers, Graphical and Media Personnel

     Owen Owens & Son, Textile Printers

     Palmer, John (1783-1846)

     Parry, Alice (b1826)

     Parry, Charles James (1824-1894)

     Parry, Charles James (fl1890-1900)

     Parry, David Henry (1793-1826)

     Parry, David Henry (b1866)

     Parry, James (1805-1871)

     Parry, Joseph (1744-1826)

     Peers, Sir Charles Reed (1868-1952) Knight

     Philips, John Leigh (1734-1814)

     Philips, Nathaniel George (1795-1831)

     Phythian, John Ernest (1858-1935)

     Phythian, Joseph Collier (1814-1887)

     Pollock, Benjamin (c 1818-c 1898)

     R Dalglish Falconer & Co Ltd, Calico Printers

     Renaud, Frank (fl1840-1880)

     Richard Cobden & Co, Calico Printers

     Richard Fort & Co, Calico Printers

     Rogers, Philip Hutchings (1786-1853)

     Rossendale Printing Co Ltd, Calico Printers

     Royal Manchester Institution

     Simon, - (fl1922-1927)

     Strines Printing Co, Calico Printers

     Sydall Brothers Ltd, Chadkirk, Calico Printers

     Thomas & Robert Parker, Textile Printers

     Thomson, Chippindall & Co, Calico Printers

     Thornliebank Co Ltd, Calico Printers

     Waterhouse, Alfred (1830-1905)

     Watson, John Dawson (1832-1892)

     Watson, William Smellie (1796-1874)

     Whalley Abbey Printing Co Ltd, Calico Printers

     Wimpenny, Abel Buckley (fl1860-1879)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 87