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     Bisinski, Jan (b1910)

     Czapski, Jozef (1896-1993)

     Czermanski, Zdzislaw (1896-1970)

     Frenkiel, Stanislaw (1918-2001)

     Hofman, Wlastimil (1881-1970)

     Kleczkowski, Stefan (b1895)

     Kratochwil, Marian (1906-1997)

     Mlodnicki, Jerzy (1917-1977)

     Pacewicz, Janina Holub- (---)

     Rosen, Pawel (---)

     Topolski, Feliks (1907-1989)

     Walentynowicz, Marian (1896-1967)

     Wisznicki, Mikolaj (1870-1954)

     Wolmar, Adam (fl1919-1940)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 14