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     Allen, Charles John (1862-1956)

     Amiss, Audrey (1933-2013)

     Anglo-French Art & Travel Society

     Artlink West Yorkshire

     Arts for Health

     Audubon, John James Laforest (1785-1851)

     Bell, Sir Charles (1774-1842) Knight

     Bowcher, Frank (1864-1938)

     Briceau, P (fl1780-1790)

     British Health Care Arts Centre

     Carter, Henry Barlow (1804-1868)

     Carter, Henry Vandyke (1831-1897)

     Carter, Joseph Newington (1835-1871)

     Chalon, Alfred Edward (1780-1866)

     Delamotte, William Alfred (1775-1863)

     Dodgson, Frances Catharine (d1954)

     Fine Art Society Plc, Art Dealers

     Gaddis, A (fl1930-1939)

     Gainsborough, Thomas (1727-1788)

     Gerbier, Sir Balthasar (? 1591-1667) Knight

     Hardie, R G (fl1890-1910)

     Hawkins, Benjamin Waterhouse (fl1832-1841)

     Healing Arts, Isle of Wight

     Hodgkin, John (1766-1845)

     Jackson, J (fl1940-1949)

     John, Augustus Edwin (1878-1961)

     Kihn, William Langdon (1898-1957)

     Kirby, John Joshua (1716-1774)

     Lafayette Ltd

     Landseer, Sir Edwin Henry (1802-1873) Knight

     Layard, Arthur (fl1890-1895)

     Lime Arts

     Martinet, Charles (fl1760-1792)

     Matis, Francisco Javier (c 1763-1851)

     Maugham, Syrie (1879-1955)

     Millais, John Guille (1865-1931)

     Millais, Sir John Everett (1829-1896) 1st Baronet

     Morris, William (1834-1896)

     Ménard, Louis Nicolas (1822-1901)

     Mérimée, Jean François Léonor (1775-1836)

     Nitsche, G (fl1890-1910)

     Operti, Albert (1852-1927)

     Palestine Arts Collection Society

     Paxton, Sir Joseph (1801-1865) Knight

     Payer, Julius von (1842-1915) Ritter

     Petrone, Michele Angelo (1963-2007)

     Pitman, John (fl1842-)

     Renou, Antoine (1731-1806)

     Reynolds, Sir Joshua (1723-1792) Knight

     Richer, Paul Marie Louis (1849-1933)

     Richmond, Sir William Blake (1842-1921) Knight

     Rippingille, Edward Villiers (1798-1859)

     Roberts, David (1796-1864)

     Rosen, Ismond (1914-1996)

     Royal Academy of Arts

     Royal Drawings Society

     Royal Photographic Society

     Royal Society of Arts

     Sagemoller, Marten (fl1660-1700)

     Salomon, H (fl1932-1933)

     Sievier, Robert William (1794-1865)

     Simon, Kilian (fl1740-1771)

     Smith, Charles John (1803-1838)

     Society of Scribes and Illuminators

     Sowerby, George Brettingham (1788-1854)

     Sowerby, George Brettingham (1812-1884)

     Sowerby, James (1757-1822)

     Sowerby, James De Carle (1787-1871)

     Stocks, Lumb (1812-1892)

     Tournachon, Gaspard Félix (1820-1910)

     Turnbull, Andrew Watson (b1874)

     Wellcome Historical Medical Museum

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 72