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     Armstead, Henry Hugh (1828-1905)

     Barry, Sir Charles (1795-1860) Knight

     Belcher, Thomas (fl1760-1771)

     Bernasconi, Francis (1762-1841)

     Bernasconi, Francis (fl1805-1823)

     Blake, William (1757-1827)

     Blore, Edward (1787-1879)

     Blore, Robert (fl1811-1821)

     Boson, John (fl1720-1743)

     Broughton, James (fl1696-1712)

     Chantrey, Sir Francis Leggatt (1781-1841) Knight

     Church, John (fl1700-1707)

     Clark, Kenneth Mackenzie (1903-1983) Baron Clark

     Clayton & Bell, Glass Painters

     Comper, John Baptist Sebastian (1891-1979)

     Comper, Sir John Ninian (1864-1960) Knight

     Crace & Son

     Crace, Frederick (1779-1859)

     Drew, Edward (fl1691-1701)

     Ensor, J (fl1820-1827)

     Farmer & Brindley

     Farmer, William (fl1860-1864)

     Gilbert, Sir Alfred (1854-1934) Knight

     Glanville, Edward (d1808)

     Glanville, Jeremiah (fl1811-1822)

     Graham, John (fl1740-1748)

     Graham, Joseph (fl1780-1782)

     Graham, Mary (fl1749-1752)

     Grahame, Andrew John (d1885)

     Grylls, Harry (fl1920-1945)

     Hadfield, Charles (1840-1916)

     Harrie, James (fl1570-1579)

     Hawksmoor, Nicholas (1661-1736)

     Howson, Joan (1885-1964)

     Keene, Henry (1726-1776)

     Kneller, Sir Godfrey (1646-1723) Baronet

     Knowles, John Alder (1881-1961)

     Lee, Arthur Hamilton (1868-1947) Viscount Lee of Fareham

     Legg, David (fl1700-1709)

     Legg, John (fl1690-1700)

     Leighton, Frederic (1830-1896) Baron Leighton of Stretton

     Lethaby, William Richard (1857-1931)

     Loton & Son

     Loton, James (? 1728-? 1774)

     Martyne, J (fl1570-1579)

     Micklethwaite, John Thomas (1843-1906)

     Miles, William (fl1803-1822)

     Morris, William (1834-1896)

     Pearson, Frank Loughborough (? 1863-1947)

     Pearson, John Loughborough (1817-1897)

     Peers, Sir Charles Reed (1868-1952) Knight

     Pepper, Charles B (fl1820-1827)

     Piersey & Co, Monumental Mason

     Plummer, Pauline (fl1971-1974)

     Poole & Son

     Poole, Henry (fl1849-1880)

     Potter & Son

     Potter, Thomas (fl1841-1868)

     Price, Joshua (d1722)

     Price, William (d1765)

     Pridden, John Edward (1758-1825)

     Richmond, George (1809-1896)

     Ruddle, Francis (fl1840-1853)

     Rupert, (1618-1682) Prince, Count Palatinate of the Rhine

     Saywell, William (fl1570-1579)

     Scott, George Gilbert (1839-1897)

     Scott, John Oldrid (1841-1913)

     Scott, Sir George Gilbert (1811-1878) Knight

     Scott, Sir Giles Gilbert (1880-1960) Knight

     Stanton, Edward (1681-1734)

     Tapper, Sir Walter (1861-1935) Knight

     Ternouth, John (1795-1849)

     Thornhill, Sir James (1675-1734) Knight

     Tristram, Ernest William (1882-1952)

     Turnerelli, Peter (1774-1839)

     War Memorials Advisory Committee

     Ward & Hughes

     Ward & Nixon

     Ward, Thomas (1808-1877)

     Willement, Thomas (1786-1871)

     Wren, Sir Christopher (1632-1723) Knight

     Wright, Thomas (fl1871-1906)

     Wright, Thomas (fl1906-1928)

     Wyatt, Benjamin Dean (1775-1852)

     Wyatt, Edward (fl1795-1803)

     Wyatt, George (fl1848-1849)

     Wyatt, James (1746-1813)

     Wyatt, Margaret (fl1848-)

     Wyatville, Sir Jeffry (1766-1840) Knight

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 89