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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Aalto, Alvar (1898-1976)

     Bennett, Tim (fl1939-1941)

     Black, Sir Misha (1910-1977) Knight

     Breuer, Marcel (1902-1981)

     Cantacuzino, Sherban (b1928)

     Carter, Edward Julian (1902-1982)

     Casson, Sir Hugh Maxwell (1910-1999) Knight

     Chermayeff, Serge (1900-1996)

     Coates, Wells Wintemute (1895-1958)

     Corbusier, Charles-Eduard Jeanneret Le (1887-1965)

     Cox, Sir Anthony (1915-1993) Knight

     Design & Industries Association

     Drew, Jane (1911-1996)

     Durell, Harry (? 1902-1987)

     Ellis, Sir Bertram Clough Williams- (1883-1978) Knight

     Etchells, Frederick (1887-1973)

     Field, Hermann H (fl1900-1955)

     Field, John Eastwick- (1919-2003)

     Freud, Ernst Ludwig (1892-1970)

     Fry, Maxwell E (1899-1987)

     Gabo, Naum (1890-1977)

     Goldfinger, Erno (1902-1987)

     Gropius, Walter (1883-1969)

     Hitchens, Sydney Ivon (1893-1979)

     Holford, William Graham (1907-1975) Baron Holford

     Honzik, Karel (1900-1966)

     Howe, Jack (b1911)


     Karn, Arthur (fl1939-1940)

     Lasdun, Sir Denys (1914-2001)

     Lutyens, Sir Edwin Landseer (1869-1944) Knight

     MARS Group

     Martin, Sadie (d1992)

     Martin, Sir John Leslie (1908-2000) Knight

     McGrath, Raymond (1903-1977)

     Mendelsohn, Erich (1887-1953)

     Meynell, Sir Francis (1891-1975) Knight

     Moore, Henry Spencer (1898-1986)

     Moser, Werner Max (1896-1970)

     Nagy, Laszlo Moholy- (1895-1946)

     Nicholson, Benjamin Lauder (1894-1982)

     Perriand, Charlotte (b1903)

     Pick, Frank (1878-1941)

     Piper, John Egerton Christmas (1903-1992)

     Pritchard, John Craven (1899-1992)

     Race, Ernest (1913-1963)

     Reilly, Paul (1912-1990) Baron Reilly of Brompton

     Reilly, Sir Charles Herbert (1874-1948) Knight

     Richards, John Melville (1907-1992)

     Riss, Egon (d1964)

     Rowntree, Kenneth (1915-1997)

     Russell, Richard Drew (1903-1981)

     Russell, Sir Gordon (1892-1980) Knight

     Syllas, Leo De (1917-1964)

     Tait, Thomas Smith (1882-1954)

     Tubbs, Ralph (1912-1996)

     Wright, Frank Lloyd (1869-1959)

     Yorke, Francis Reginald Stevens (1906-1962)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 58