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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Atkinson, Thomas Dinham (1864-1948)

     Beauclerk, Lady Diana (1734-1808)

     Beckwith, Thomas (d1786)

     Bowen, James (d1774)

     Capon, William (1757-1827)

     Coney, John (1786-1833)

     Crane, Walter (1845-1915)

     Dukes, Thomas Farmer (fl1825-1836)

     Eastlake, Sir Charles Lock (1793-1865) Knight

     Fowler, William (1761-1832)

     Grose, Francis (c1731-1791)

     Gwilt, George (1775-1856)

     Howlett, Bartholomew (1767-1827)

     Hutchinson, Peter Orlando (1811-1897)

     Iago, William (1836-1918)

     Jones, Sir Edward Coley Burne- (1833-1898) 1st Baronet

     Knowles, John Alder (1881-1961)

     Linnell, John (1792-1882)

     Longmate, Barak (1738-1793)

     Middleton, John Henry (1846-1896)

     Morris, May (1862-1938)

     Morris, William (1834-1896)

     Murphy, James Cavanah (1760-1814)

     Nevinson, George Henry (fl1844-1897)

     Reynolds, Sir Joshua (1723-1792) Knight

     Riddell, Robert (d1794)

     Ruskin, John (1819-1900)

     Russell, Charles James (fl1860-1907)

     Schnebbelie, Jacob (1760-1792)

     Smith, Charles Hamilton (1776-1859)

     Storey, George Adolphus (1834-1919)

     Strutt, Joseph (1749-1802)

     Taylor, Harold Mccarter (1907-1995)

     Thackeray, William Makepeace (1811-1863)

     Theobald, James (fl1750-1760)

     Thornhill, Sir James (1675-1734) Knight

     Vanbrugh, Sir John (1664-1726) Knight

     Waller, John Green (1813-1905)

     Walpole, Horatio (1717-1797) 4th Earl of Orford

     Walters, Henry Beauchamp (1867-1944)

     Watts, George Frederic (1817-1904)

     Wille, Johann Georg (1715-1808)

     Willson, Edward James (1787-1854)

     Wilmshurst, Thomas (fl1845-1850)

     Wray, Robert Bateman (d1779)

     Wright, Cyril Ernest (fl1922-1980)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 46