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     Archer, Thomas (c 1668-1743)

     Ashbee, Charles Robert (1863-1942)

     Bell, Vanessa (1879-1961)

     Bentley, Samuel (1785-1868)

     Blore, Edward (1787-1879)

     Bone, Sir Muirhead (1876-1953) Knight

     Burgess, Richard (1796-1881)

     Byron, Robert (1905-1941)

     Caroe, William Douglas (1857-1938)

     Church Quarterly Review Ltd, Publishers

     Clayton & Bell, Glass Painters

     Clergy and Artists Association

     Coldstream, Sir William Menzies (1908-1987) Knight

     Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge (1832-1898)

     Durst, Alan Lydiat (1883-1970)

     Dyce, William (1806-1864)

     Feibusch, Hans (1898-1998)

     Festival of Britain

     Gibbs, James (1682-1754)

     Gilbert, Sir Alfred (1854-1934) Knight

     Godfrey, Walter Hindes (1881-1961)

     Goetze, Sigismund Christian Hubert (1866-1939)

     Grant, Sir Francis (1803-1878) Knight

     Hart, Horace (fl1856-1915)

     Hawksmoor, Nicholas (1661-1736)

     Jackson, Ernest

     James, John (d1746)

     Jones, Sir Edward Coley Burne- (1833-1898) 1st Baronet

     Keene, Richard (1825-1894)

     Kempe, Charles Eamer (1837-1907)

     Kennington, Eric Henri (1888-1960)

     Landan, Ram (fl1930-1938)

     Laszlo, Philip Alexius de (1869-1937)

     Leighton, Frederic (1830-1896) Baron Leighton of Stretton

     Lockhart, William Ewart (1846-1900)

     Monnington, Sir Walter Thomas (1902-1976) Knight

     Morris & Co Ltd

     Mylne, Robert (1734-1811)

     Nichols, John (1745-1826)

     Nichols, John Bowyer (1779-1863)

     Parry, Thomas Gambier- (1816-1888)

     Pellatt, Apsley (1791-1863)

     Phyffers, Theodore (fl1870-1880)

     Piper, John Egerton Christmas (1903-1992)

     Pritchard, Zach (fl1927-1928)

     Reed, Edward Tennyson (1860-1933)

     Richmond, George (1809-1896)

     Seddon, John Pollard (1827-1906)

     Smirke, Sydney (1798-1877)

     Sorrell, Alan (1904-1974)

     Spottiswoode, George Andrew (1827-1899)

     Stephens, Sir William Reynolds- (1862-1943) Knight

     Streeton, Sir Arthur Ernest (1867-1943) Knight

     Talman, John (1677-1726)

     Thomas, Brian D L (fl1950-1960)

     Tristram, Ernest William (1882-1952)

     Turnerelli, Edward Tracey (1813-1896)

     Walker, Sir Emery (1851-1933) Knight

     Whistler, Laurence (1912-2000)

     Wren, Sir Christopher (1632-1723) Knight

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 61