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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     A Buswell & Sons Ltd, Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers

     Abbott & Co Ltd, Lancaster, Stained Glass Design and Manufacturing Studio

     Arthur Mitton (Bradford) Ltd, Textile Manufacturers and Merchants

     Atkin Brothers (Silversmiths) Ltd, Sheffield

     Barker Ellis Silver Co Ltd, Silversmiths and Electroplaters

     Barrow Printing Co Ltd

     Benthall & Ironbridge Pottery Co

     Biba, Department Store

     British Enka Ltd, Artifical Silk Manufacturers

     Brunskill and Loveday Ltd, Scenery building company

     C G Southcott Co-Partnership Ltd, Clothiers

     Castle Brothers (Furniture) Ltd

     Charles Roberson & Co, Paint Manufacturers and Artists' Colourmen

     Connal & Bannatyne, Childrens' Clothes Manufacturers

     Cooper Bros & Sons Ltd, Silversmiths and Cutlery Manufacturers

     Courtaulds plc

     Critchley Bros Ltd, Stroud, Product Manufacturers

     Crossley's Carpets

     Derby Crown Porcelain Co Ltd

     Doulton & Co Ltd, Porcelain Manufacturers

     E Gomme Ltd, Furniture Manufacturers

     Eagle Transfers Ltd

     Edwin Blyde & Co Ltd, Cutlery and Silverware Manufacturers

     Elkington & Co Ltd, Silversmiths and Electroplaters

     Empire Stone Works

     Farr Ergonomics Ltd, Designers and Ergonomicists

     Fielding & Son (Werneth) Ltd, Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers

     Frank Hart & Co Ltd, Paint Merchants

     Frederick Puckridge & Nephew Ltd, Goldbeaters, Mould and Skin Manufacturers and Court and Medical Plaster Makers

     G & J Kitcat Ltd, Bookbinders

     Gateshead Printing Press Ltd

     George H Cox Ltd, Designers

     Gibbs & Canning, Architectural Terracotta Manufacturers

     Gordon & Gordon Ltd, Embroidery Manufacturers

     Goss China Co Ltd

     Green & Vardy Ltd, Furniture Makers

     H F Hartley Ltd, Textile and Woollen Manufacturers

     Habitat UK Ltd, Retailer

     Hampton Utilities (Birmingham) Ltd, Electroplate and Silverplate Manufacturers

     Hartley Wood & Co, Glass Manufacturers

     Henry Ashworth & Co, Black Ornament Manufacturers

     Henry Widnell & Stewart Ltd, Carpet Manufacturers

     Herbert & Co, Gold Laceman and Military Accoutrement Manufacturers

     Hugh Butcher Ltd, House Furnishers

     Hunter & Smallpage Ltd, House Furnishers

     Hyders Ltd, Metalwork Firm

     Incorporated Stone & Marble Co Ltd

     Isaiah Woodall & Sons Ltd, Dudley, Worcestershire, Hearth Furniture Manufacturers and Engineers

     J Chadwick & Co Ltd, Calico Printers

     J F Elton & Co Ltd, Earthenware Manufacturers

     James Dixon & Sons Ltd, Manufacturers of Silver, Silver-plated Britannia Metal Goods

     James Fisher & Co, Lace makers

     James Gibson & Co (Sculptors) Ltd

     James Pearson Ltd, Stoneware Manufacturers

     John B Chatterley & Sons Ltd, Silversmiths

     John Carter (Paints) Ltd

     John Moncrieff Ltd, Perth, Glass Makers

     Joseph Bourne & Son Ltd, Pottery Manufacturers

     Joseph Rylands & Sons, Textile Company

     Leeds Marble & Heating Works Ltd

     Leicester Wallpaper Company

     Lilley & Skinner Ltd, Shoe manufacturer and retailer

     Michael Farr (Design Integration) Ltd

     Misses Williams Ltd, Embroiderers

     Monotype Corporation, Printing and Typography Company

     Moore, Taggart & Co Ltd, Uniform Manufacturers

     Old Park Silver Mills Co Ltd

     Payne & Son (Silversmiths) Ltd

     Peerless Gold Leaf Co, Plastics Manufacturers

     Pontypool Japan Factory, Japan Manufacturers

     Ramasyl Ltd, Textile Manufacturers, Merchants and Calico Printers

     Remploy Ltd, Furniture Manufacturers

     Ritva, Knitwear designers

     Roberts & Belk Ltd, Sheffield, Silversmiths

     Rowntree Mackintosh, Confectionary Manufacturers

     Royal Albert

     S Fielding & Co Ltd, Earthenware Manufacturers

     Sedgley Construction Ltd, Furnace Designers and Builders

     Shrigley & Hunt Ltd, Stained Glass Window Manufacturers

     Stephen Simpson Ltd, Textiles

     Strathearn Glass Ltd

     Suckling & Sons Ltd, Silverware Manufacturers

     The Coalbrookdale Iron Co

     Thomas Bradbury & Sons Ltd, Silversmiths

     Urquhart Lindsay & Robertson Orchar Ltd, Textile Machinery Manufacturers

     Vickers Furniture Ltd, Office Furniture Manufacturers

     Vokins, Department store

     W & G Sissons Ltd, Manufacturing Silversmiths

     Wightman & Co Ltd, Art Printers and Stationery Manufacturers

     William Birch Ltd, Furniture Manufacturers

     William Lawrence & Co Ltd, Furniture Manufacturers and Upholsterers

     William R Stewart & Sons (Hacklemakers) Ltd

     Winsor & Newton Ltd, Artists' Materials Manufacturers

     Woodward Grosvenor Ltd, Textile Designers and Manufacturer

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 94