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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Allan, Sir William (1782-1850) Knight

     Backhouse, George (1945-1960)

     Crozier, Robert (1854-1882)

     Douglas, Sir William Fettes (1822-1891) Knight

     Fennemore, Thomas Acland (1902-1959)

     Flint, Sir William Russell (1880-1969) Knight

     Foster, Peter Le Neve (1809-1879)

     Giles, William (1872-1939)

     Greenlees, Robert M (1820-1894)

     Haite, George Charles (1855-1924)

     Hand, Frederick H (1877-1972)

     Lamb, Sir Walter Rangeley Maitland (1882-1961) Knight

     Macalister, Sir Ian (1878-1957) Knight

     Maxwell, William (1873-1957)

     McKee, John Ritchie (1900-1964)

     More, Samuel (d1799)

     Pick, Frank (1878-1941)

     Prentice, John R (1830-1839)

     Reid, Sir George (1841-1913) Knight

     Robinson, Sir John Charles (1824-1913) Knight

     Steele, Joshua (1700-1791)

     Templeman, Peter (1711-1769)

     Thwaites, George Saunders (1778-1866)

     Watson, George (1767-1837)

     Williams, Sir William Emrys (1896-1977) Knight

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 25