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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Alford, Marianne Margaret (1817-1888) wife of Viscount Alford

     Araeen, Rasheed (b1935)

     Birch, Samuel John (1869-1955)

     Borlase, William (1695-1772)

     Castle, Alastair Mundy- (bc 1920)

     Darke, Andrew (b1948)

     Douglas, Sir William Fettes (1822-1891) Knight

     Dukes, Thomas Farmer (1825-1836)

     Dyson, William Henry (1883-1938)

     Eastlake, Elizabeth (1809-1893) Lady

     Ender, Peter (1930-1960)

     Faed, John (1819-1902)

     Freeman, Louis (1889-1972)

     Godfrey, Neil (b1937)

     Gould, John (1804-1881)

     Grant, Sir Francis (1803-1878) Knight

     Hamer, Janet (1980-2003)

     Hollowood, Albert Bernard (1910-1981)

     Ironside, Robin (1912-1965)

     Jacob, Cyril Alfred (b1926)

     Kay, John (1742-1826)

     Kelsall, Charles (1782-1857)

     Lowry, Raymond (b1944)

     Payne, Albert Wyndham (1884-1974)

     Powell, Ivor (d1983)

     Raysse, Martial (b1936)

     Riddell, Robert (d1794)

     Shepherd, William James Affleck (1886-1894)

     Stanley, Montague (1809-1844)

     Stone, Frank (1800-1859)

     Theobald, James (1750-1760)

     Toren, Amikam (b1945)

     Wales, James (c1747-1795)

     Wallis, Alfred (1855-1942)

     Weiner, Lawrence (b1942)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 35