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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Aitken, Charles (1869-1936)

     Alexander, William (1767-1816)

     Alston, Roland Wright (1895-1958)

     Araeen, Rasheed (b1935)

     Archer, William George (1911-1979)

     Arif, Saleem (b1949)

     Bell, David (d1959)

     Birkett, George (1890-1900)

     Blunt, Anthony Frederick (1907-1983)

     Brown, Thomas Julian (1923-1987)

     Carey, Charles William (1862-1943)

     Carpenter, Janice (b1986)

     Chambers, Eddie (b1960)

     Clarke, Sir Caspar Purdon (1846-1911) Knight

     Davies, Sir Martin (1908-1975) Knight

     Dibdin, Edward Rimbault Vere (1853-1941)

     Douglas, Sir William Fettes (1822-1891) Knight

     Eastlake, Charles Locke (1836-1906)

     Ede, Harold Stanley (1895-1990)

     Gear, William (1915-1997)

     Hardie, Martin (1875-1952)

     Haward, Lawrence (1878-1957)

     Hinks, Roger (d1964)

     Honeyman, Thomas John (1891-1971)

     Horsfield, Thomas (1773-1859)

     Huttner, Per (1999-2003)

     Jantjes, Gavin (b1948)

     Laver, James (1899-1975)

     Long, Basil Somerset (1881-1937)

     Macandrew, Hugh (1931-1993)

     Middleton, John Henry (1846-1896)

     Miller, Archibald Elliot Haswell (1887-1979)

     Mosley, S L (1875-1900)

     Popham, Arthur Ewart (1889-1970)

     Rackham, Bernard (1876-1964)

     Reid, George William (1819-1887)

     Sitaram, K N (1920-1936)

     Smith, Kate (1980-1998)

     Smith, Sir Cecil Harcourt- (1859-1944) Knight

     Summerson, Sir John Newenham (1904-1992) Knight

     Valentin, Curt (1902-1954)

     Wild, James William (1814-1892)

     ffoulkes, Charles (1868-1947)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 43