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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Adams Brothers, Birmingham, Upholsterers, Cabinetmakers and House Decorators

     Alexander, James (1660-1697)

     Allan & Bogle, Glasgow, Bar Fitters

     Bonnar, Thomas (1700-1900)

     Bonnar, Thomas (1810-1873)

     British Institute of Interior Design

     Bulletti, Anton Leone (1823-1885)

     Canziani, Estella (1887-1964)

     Collinson & Lock, Furniture Makers and Decorators

     Cowtan & Sons Ltd, Decorators

     Crace & Son

     Crace, Frederick (1779-1859)

     David Morrison & Son, Decorators

     Dobie & Son Ltd, Interior Decorators

     Fleming, Ronald (1896-1968)

     Ford, Oliver (1925-1992)

     G Jackson & Sons Ltd, Decorative Plasterers

     Gray, Kathleen Eileen Moray (1879-1976)

     Guthrie & Wells Ltd

     H H Martyn & Co Ltd, Cheltenham, Architectural Metal Workers

     Hallward, Reginald F (1858-1948)

     Hay, David Ramsay (1798-1866)

     Hicks, David Nightingale (1929-1998)

     Hill, Oliver (1887-1968)

     J N Gibson

     Lamprell, Ralph (1924-1995)

     Leonard Stead & Son Ltd, Plaster Manufacturers

     Lunn & Cardno Ltd, Painters and Decorators

     Macquoid, Percy (d1925)

     Maculloch & Gow, Glasgow, Decorators

     Marshall, John (1875-1883)

     Mason & Wilson Ltd, Cabinetmakers

     Moser, Werner Max (1896-1970)

     Moxon & Carfrae, House Painters and Decorators

     Nobili, Lila Di (b1916)

     Pollen, John Hungerford (1820-1902)

     Pugin, Augustus Welby Northmore (1812-1852)

     Ricardo, Halsey Ralph (1854-1928)

     Robinson, Charlotte (1880-1889)

     Robinson, Edward (b1896)

     Strickland, William (1845-1855)

     Sutherland, Robert G (1900-1930)

     Sykes, Godfrey (1825-1866)

     Taylor, J (1922-1928)

     Verrio, Antonio (? 1639-1707)

     Vuillard, Edouard (1868-1940)

     Westray, Robert (1892-1907)

     Wylie & Lochhead Ltd, Furniture Designers

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 48