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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Brockbank, George (1875-1925)

     Brown & Englefield, Pewterers

     Cuninghams & Simpson, Silver Platers

     Davidson, Peter Wylie (1890-1940)

     Dewar, De Courcy Lewthwaite (1880-1959)

     Dickinson, Frank Reginald (1874-1961)

     Dryad Metalwork

     E W Oakes & Co Ltd, Brassfounders and Silver Refiners

     Englefields (London) Ltd, Pewterers

     Figg, William (1604-1606)

     Galizia, John (1930-1965)

     Gardiner, Sons & Co Ltd, Constructional Steelwork and Art Metalworkers

     Gardner, John Starkie (1844-1930)

     H H Martyn & Co Ltd, Cheltenham, Architectural Metal Workers

     Hadden, Thomas (1900-1930)

     Hyders Ltd, Metalwork Firm

     Isaiah Woodall & Sons Ltd, Dudley, Worcestershire, Hearth Furniture Manufacturers and Engineers

     J & C McGloughlin Ltd, Constructional Engineers

     James Dixon & Sons Ltd, Manufacturers of Silver, Silver-plated Britannia Metal Goods

     John Hardman & Co Ltd

     Jones & Willis, Metalwork and Furniture Manufacturers

     Lakeland Rural Industries, Borrowdale

     Matthew Fenton & Co, Silver Platers

     Morton, F R (1940-1944)

     Newbery, Robert J (1890-1898)

     Old Park Silver Mills Co Ltd

     Pepper, J (1845-1851)

     Potter & Son

     Potter, Thomas (1841-1868)

     Roberts, Smith & Co, Silver Platers

     Sheffield Smelting Co Ltd, Precious Metal Refiners

     Smeaton, John (1724-1792)

     Smyth, Dorothy Carleton (1904-1930)

     Stabler, Harold (1872-1945)

     The Somerset Smithy, Ornamental Ironworks

     Tijou, Jean (1689-1712)

     Tonge, Olivia Frances (1858-1949)

     Welch, Robert (d2000)

     William Hutton & Sons Ltd, Silver Platers

     Wilson, Jonty (1834-1884)

     Woodall, John (1788-1792)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 41