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     Alfred Mylne & Co, Naval Architectural Practice and Yacht Designers

     Bentham, Sir Samuel (1757-1831) Knight

     Bridge, Ian (b1913)

     Dredge, James (1840-1906)

     Elgar, Francis (1845-1909)

     Froude, Robert Edmund (1846-1924)

     Froude, William (1810-1879)

     G L Watson & Co, Naval Architectural Practice

     Gower, Richard Hall (1767-1833)

     Joy, David (d1903)

     Macgregor, Joseph (1883-1967)

     Reed, Sir Edward James (1830-1906) Knight

     Russell, John Scott (1808-1882)

     Seppings, Sir Robert (1767-1840) Knight

     Watts, Sir Philip (1846-1926) Knight

     Wilding, Edward (1875-1939)

     Wood, John (1788-1860)

     Wortley, Henry Bell (1867-1919)

     Yates, James Alfred (1852-1941)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 19