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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Black, Edwin (1875-1895)

     Brundrit, Reginald G (1883-1960)

     Burn, Rodney Joseph (1899-1984)

     Campbell, Beatrice Moss (1886-1970) wife of 3rd Baron Glenavy

     Dallas, Ann Chassar (1926-1940)

     Davidson, Allan Douglas (1873-1932)

     Fergusson, John Duncan (1874-1961)

     Finer, Stephen (b1949)

     Flint, Sir William Russell (1880-1969) Knight

     Gere, Charles March (1869-1957)

     Grundy, Sir Cuthbert Cartwright (1847-1946) Knight

     Gulland, Elizabeth (d1934)

     Hart, Horace (1856-1915)

     Haweis, Stephen (1911-1956)

     Haybrook, Rudolf A (1898-1965)

     Henderson, William (1874-1892)

     Hill, Leonard Raven- (1867-1942)

     Hitchens, Sydney Ivon (1893-1979)

     Johnson, Ernest Borough (1867-1949)

     Krut, Ansel (b1956)

     Lamb, Henry Taylor (1883-1960)

     Methuen, Paul Ayshford (1886-1974) 4th Baron Methuen

     Moser, Oswald (1874-1953)

     Mostyn, Thomas Edwin (1864-1930)

     Murray, William Grant (1877-1950)

     Payne, Henry Albert (1868-1940)

     Pearson, Mary Martha (1799-1871)

     Rathmell, Thomas (b1912)

     Rawlins, Monica Octavie (1903-1990)

     Skottowe, Charles (b1793)

     Strachan, Douglas (1875-1950)

     Tatham, Frederick (1805-1878)

     West, Joseph Walter (1860-1933)

     Williams, Samuel (1788-1853)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 34