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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Aitken, Charles (1869-1936)

     Ashton, Sir Arthur Leigh Bolland (1897-1983) Knight

     Bodkin, Thomas Patrick (1887-1961)

     Clark, Kenneth Mackenzie (1903-1983) Baron Clark

     Cox, Sir George Trenchard (1905-1995) Knight

     Cust, Sir Lionel Henry (1859-1929) Knight

     Daniel, Sir Augustus Moore (1866-1950)

     Davies, Sir Martin (1908-1975) Knight

     Doyle, Henry Edward (1827-1892)

     Hake, Sir Henry (1892-1951) Knight

     Hendy, Sir Philip (1900-1980) Knight

     Holmes, Sir Charles John (1868-1936) Knight

     Honeyman, Thomas John (1891-1971)

     Lindsay, Sir Ernest Daryl (1889-1976) Knight

     MacColl, Dugald Sutherland (1859-1948)

     McGreevy, Thomas (1893-1967)

     Milner, James Donald (1874-1927)

     Mulvany, George Field (1809-1869)

     Owen, Sir Francis Philip Cunliffe- (1828-1894) Knight

     Pilkington, Margaret (1891-1974)

     Piper, Sir David Towry (1918-1990) Knight

     Rothenstein, Sir John Knewstab Maurice (1901-1992)

     Salisbury, Enoch (1840-1860)

     Scharf, Sir George (1820-1895) Knight

     Waterhouse, Sir Ellis Kirkham (1905-1985) Knight

     Winter, Carl (1906-1966)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 26