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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Braddell, Dorothy (1889-1981)

     Bruce, Sir William (? 1625-1710) Baron of Kinross

     Burges, William (1827-1881)

     Buzas, Stefan (b1915)

     Caster, Thomas (1747-1758)

     Clark & Fenn Ltd, Interior designers and plasterers

     Cobbe, Alec (b1945)

     Cockerell, Charles Robert (1788-1863)

     Comper, Sir John Ninian (1864-1960) Knight

     Cottingham, Lewis Nockalls (1787-1847)

     Day, Lucienne (b1917)

     Dyer, John H V (1890-1910)

     Ede, Robin Moore (1965-1991)

     Evans, Joyce Conwy (1955-1965)

     Fejer, George (d1996)

     Ginesi, Edna (1902-2000)

     Gray, Kathleen Eileen Moray (1879-1976)

     Guthrie & Wells Ltd

     Gwynne, Patrick (b1913)

     Heggs, Ronald (b1912)

     Hicks, David Nightingale (1929-1998)

     J & W Hummerston and Interior Designers, Cabinetmakers

     Jeckyll, Thomas (1827-1881)

     John Brown & Co, Interior Designers Specializing in Ships' Fittings

     Kerr, Henry Francis (1855-1946)

     Lamprell, Ralph (1924-1995)

     Lapworth's, Soft Furnishing Makers and Interior Designers

     Lennon, Dennis (1918-1991)

     Maugham, Syrie (1879-1955)

     Maxwell & Tuke, Architectural Practice and Interior Designers

     Monbro Fils Aîné, Paris, Interior designers

     Moro, Peter (1911-1998)

     Morris, William (1834-1896)

     Newall, Walter (1780-1863)

     O'Rorke, Brian (1901-1974)

     Palmer, John (1783-1846)

     Ramon, George (1900-2000)

     Reilly, Sir Charles Herbert (1874-1948) Knight

     Russell, Sir Gordon (1892-1980) Knight

     Sander, Bertha (1901-1990)

     Scott, Mackay Hugh Baillie (1865-1945)

     Sellar, Florence (1880-1890)

     Sheringham, George (1884-1937)

     Singer, Franz (1896-1954)

     Sullivan, Olive (1913-1998)

     Tamworth Hindley & Co Ltd, Interior Designers

     Taylor, Ernest Archibald (1874-1951)

     Trevelyan, Pauline Jermyn (1816-1866) Lady

     Walton, Allan (1891-1948)

     Webb, Philip Speakman (1831-1915)

     William Scott Morton & Co, Architectural and Interior Designers

     Wood, Edgar (1860-1935)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 52