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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     A Buswell & Sons Ltd, Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers

     Adams Brothers, Birmingham, Upholsterers, Cabinetmakers and House Decorators

     Alliance Cabinet Makers' Association

     Anonymous, Cabinetmaker

     Anonymous, Cabinetmaker

     Anonymous, Cabinetmaker

     Archer family, Cabinetmakers and Plasterers

     Ashbee Sons & Co, Gloucester, Joiners, Cabinetmakers

     Axson, Charles (1907-1923)

     Barker, Robert (1862-1864)

     Beaumont, James (1853-1856)

     Belcher, Thomas (1760-1771)

     Borland, William (1890-1896)

     Boson, John (1720-1743)

     Burgess, George (1877-1911)

     Cabinetmakers & Chairmakers Society, Edinburgh

     Charles Kirkby & Sons Ltd, Cutlery and Wireless Cabinetmakers

     Christopher Pratt & Sons Ltd, Furniture Store and Cabinetmakers

     Cowtan & Sons Ltd, Decorators

     Crabtree, Hodgson & Co, Cabinetmakers

     D Bianco & Sons Ltd, Furniture manufacturers

     Davies, Stanley (d1978)

     Eclipse Cabinet Works Co Ltd

     Evan Vaughan, Upholsterer and Cabinetmaker

     Fielding & Son (Werneth) Ltd, Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers

     Fisher, John (1784-1788)

     Foden, John (1820-1866)

     Frank Boswell, Cabinetmaker and Undertaker

     Gallé, Emile Charles Martin (1846-1904)

     Gibson, John (1808-1820)

     Gillow & Co, Furniture Makers

     Graham, Joseph (1780-1782)

     H & J Haigh, Joiners and Cabinetmakers

     Hanson, Thomas William (1900-1907)

     Heal & Son Ltd, Furnishers

     Henry E Price, Cabinetmaker

     Henry Stone & Son Ltd, Cabinetmakers, Printers and Stationers

     Holland & Sons Ltd, Cabinetmakers

     Howarth, Frederick William (1908-1909)

     Hugh Butcher Ltd, House Furnishers

     Hunter & Smallpage Ltd, House Furnishers

     J & J Gray and Joiners, Cabinetmakers

     J & W Hummerston and Interior Designers, Cabinetmakers

     J Clough & Son, Cabinetmakers

     J Leng & Sons, Cabinetmakers

     J N Gibson

     Jenkins, Thomas (1826-1870)

     John Westhead & Co, Cabinetmakers and Furniture Retailers

     Jones, John (1910-1939)

     Jones, Joseph (1895-1919)

     London, F H (1894-1897)

     Luck, William (b1861)

     Mason & Wilson Ltd, Cabinetmakers

     Monbro Fils Aîné, Paris, Interior designers

     Morris & Co Ltd

     Moss, Samuel (1910-1913)

     Muggs, James (1806-1813)

     National Amalgamated Furnishing Trades Association, Trade Union

     Neilson, George (1830-1910)

     Nias, B (1825-1828)

     Owen Fitzpatrick & Son, Cabinetmakers

     Peat & Co, Cabinetmakers

     Phillips & Son, Builders and Cabinetmakers

     Phyfe, Duncan (1768-1854)

     Pringle, Cabinetmakers

     Prior, U (1867-1878)

     R & J Pringle, Cabinetmakers, Furnishers and Estate Agents

     Richardson, Wilfred (b1883)

     S C Dunk, Cabinetmaker, Upholsterer and Undertaker

     Simpson & Sons Ltd, Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers

     T R Paxton & Son, Cabinetmakers

     Templewood Cabinets Ltd

     Tester, Arthur Herbert (1932-1939)

     Thackray, John (---)

     Thomas Courtney Devenish, Cabinetmaker

     Trapnell & Gane Ltd, Cabinetmakers

     Tucker & Son, Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers

     Waals, Peter van der (1870-1937)

     Waring & Gillow, Cabinetmakers

     Whytock & Reid, Cabinetmakers

     William Brock & Co Ltd, House Furnishers

     William Dransfield and Son, Furnishers and Cabinetmakers

     William Tomlin, Cabinetmaker and Upholsterer

     Williams, Robert (1763-1768)

     Williamson & Sons, Cabinetmakers and Antique Dealers

     Wyatt, George (1848-1849)

     Wyatt, Margaret (b1848)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 87