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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Anonymous, Bookbinder

     Anonymous, Bookbinder

     Anthony Gardner, Bookbinder

     Baxter, Charles (1809-1879)

     Birdsall & Son Ltd, Northampton, Fine Art BookBinders and Printers

     Bowtell, John (1753-1813)

     Cecil, Henry Edward (1870-1876)

     Cockerell, Douglas Bennett (1870-1945)

     Cox & Allen, Bookbinders

     David Davies, Bookbinder

     Designer Bookbinders

     Douglas Cockerell & Son, Bookbinders

     Elija Brown, Bookbinder

     Fisher, George (1879-1970)

     G & J Kitcat Ltd, Bookbinders

     Garnhams Ltd, Bookbinders

     H D Cox & Son, Bookbinders

     Hunter & Foulis Ltd, Bookbinders

     J M Dent & Sons Ltd, Bookbinders

     J P Gray & Son, Bookbinders

     J Shepherd & Son Ltd, Bookbinders

     James & William Edwards, Halifax

     Leighton-Straker Bookbinding Co Ltd

     Mansfield, Edgar (1907-1996)

     Payne, Roger (1739-1797)

     Pye, Sybil (1879-1958)

     Sanderson, Thomas James Cobden- (1840-1922)

     Saunders, John (1758-1823)

     Suttaby & Co, Bookbinders

     Watkins, Watkins & Co Ltd, Bookbinders

     William Jackson & Co (Aberdeen) Ltd, Bookbinders

     Yates, Arthur (1921-1948)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 32