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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Baxendale Kayll & Co Ltd, Leeds, Stained Glass Manufacturers

     Briggs, Joseph (1873-1937)

     Caithness Glass Ltd

     Deacons, John (1969-2002)

     Forde Ranking Glass Works

     Gallé, Emile Charles Martin (1846-1904)

     Hartley Glassworks

     Hartley Wood & Co, Glass Manufacturers

     James A Jobling & Co, Glass Designers and Manufacturers

     James Hartley & Co, Glass Designers and Manufacturers

     John Moncrieff Ltd, Perth, Glass Makers

     Molyneux, Webb & Co Ltd, Glassmakers

     Norton Park (Edinburgh & Leith Flint) Glass Works

     Pellatt, Apsley (1791-1863)

     Perthshire Paperweights Ltd

     Scotgold, Paperweight Makers and Glassworks

     Seal, Anthony (d1757)

     Selkirk Glass, Paperweight Makers

     Strathearn Glass Ltd

     Stuart Crystal, Glass Makers

     Swaine Bourne & Son (Birmingham), Stained Glassmakers

     Vasart Glass Ltd

     Venice & Murano Glass Company Ltd

     Wear Flint Glass Works, Millfield (Greener's), Glass Designers and Manufacturers

     White, Young & Tuer, Glass Designers and Manufacturers

     Ysart, Augustine (1907-1956)

     Ysart, Salvador (1887-1956)

     Ysart, Vincent (1909-1971)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 28