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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Anonymous, Silversmith

     Armstead, Henry Hugh (1828-1905)

     Atkin Brothers (Silversmiths) Ltd, Sheffield

     Barker Ellis Silver Co Ltd, Silversmiths and Electroplaters

     Beilby, Ralph (1743-1817)

     Birch & Gaydon Ltd, Jewellers

     Boardman, Glossop & Co, Sheffield, Manufacturing Silversmiths

     Boulton & Fothergill, Silversmiths and Silver Platers

     British Silverware Ltd

     Brookes, John (1928-1975)

     Carrington & Co Ltd, Jewellers and Silversmiths

     Clements, Eric (b1925)

     Collins, Joseph (1870-1876)

     Cooke, S (1780-1790)

     Cooper Bros & Sons Ltd, Silversmiths and Cutlery Manufacturers

     Dawson, Edith (1862-1928)

     Dawson, Nelson Ethelred (1859-1941)

     Durbin, Leslie (1913-2005)

     Edward & Sons (the Jewelers & Silversmiths Company)

     Edward Barnard & Sons Ltd, Silversmiths

     Elkington & Co Ltd, Silversmiths and Electroplaters

     F Burton Crosbee

     Francis Higgins & Son Ltd, Silversmiths

     Frank Cobb & Co Ltd, Manufacturing Silversmiths

     George Attenborough & Son, Pawnbrokers, Jewellers and Silversmiths

     George Coyte, Silversmith

     Gladwin Ltd, Silversmiths

     Grant, Georges (1960-2003)

     Hadaway, William Snelling (1872-1941)

     Hampton Utilities (Birmingham) Ltd, Electroplate and Silverplate Manufacturers

     Hart, George (1902-1959)

     Hennell, Samuel (1799-1816)

     Himsworth, Joyce Rosemary (1905-1989)

     James Dixon & Sons Ltd, Manufacturers of Silver, Silver-plated Britannia Metal Goods

     John B Chatterley & Sons Ltd, Silversmiths

     John B Jackson Ltd, Jewellers

     Joseph, Joseph (1802-1807)

     Keswick School of Industrial Art, Silversmiths

     Lamerie, Paul de (1688-1751)

     Lowe family, Gold and Silversmiths, Chester

     Mappin & Webb, Silversmiths and Jewellers

     Marks & Co. (Birmingham), Jewellers and Silversmiths

     Marks, Gilbert Leigh (1861-1905)

     Martin, Hall & Co, Cutlers and Silversmiths

     Massey, Catherine (d? 1878)

     Matthews, John Edward (1873-1878)

     Mogeley, Morris Lewin (1780-1800)

     N C Reading & Co Ltd, Gold and Silver Jewellery Manufacturers

     Payne & Son (Silversmiths) Ltd

     Pitts, William (1790-1840)

     Pruden, Anton (bc 1970)

     Pruden, Dunstan (1906-1974)

     Reeve, Sidney (1900-2000)

     Roberts & Belk Ltd, Sheffield, Silversmiths

     Roberts, Samuel (1763-1848)

     Searle & Co Ltd, Jewellers and Silversmiths

     Shorey, Silversmith

     Stabler, Harold (1872-1945)

     Stone, Robert Edgar (1903-1990)

     Suckling & Sons Ltd, Silverware Manufacturers

     Taylor, Isaac (1730-1807)

     Terrey, John Edward (1814-1816)

     Thomas Bradbury & Sons Ltd, Silversmiths

     Tudor & Leader, Silver Platers

     W & G Sissons Ltd, Manufacturing Silversmiths

     Watson Pass & Co, Silversmiths

     Welch, Robert (d2000)

     Whipham, Thomas (1800-1807)

     William Comyns & Sons Ltd, Manufacturing Silversmiths

     Wright, William (1776-1799)

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 70