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A location register of the papers of artists, designers and craftspeople held in publicly accessible collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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     Anonymous, goldsmith

     Backwell, Edward (d1683)

     Bullock, William (1808-1827)

     Butler, Thomas (1675-1684)

     Chester Goldsmiths Company

     Child, Sir Francis (1642-1713) Knight

     Dublin Guild of Goldsmiths

     Edward & Sons (the Jewelers & Silversmiths Company)

     Evans, Sir Stephen (1690-1710) Knight

     Fearn, John George (1819-1858)

     Fowle, Sir Thomas (1637-1692) Knight

     Fowles & Wotton, Goldsmiths

     Garrard & Co Ltd, Goldsmiths and Jewellers

     Gaskin, Arthur Joseph (1862-1928)

     George Wickes, Goldsmith

     Herrick, Sir William (1562-1653) Knight

     Horne & Ash, Jewellers and Goldsmiths

     Incorporation of Goldsmiths of Edinburgh

     Johnsons (HPL) Holdings Ltd, Goldsmiths

     Lamerie, Paul de (1688-1751)

     Lister & Wright Ltd, Birmingham, Jewellers and Goldsmiths

     Lowe family, Gold and Silversmiths, Chester

     N C Reading & Co Ltd, Gold and Silver Jewellery Manufacturers

     Newcastle Goldsmiths

     Newcastle Upon Tyne Company of Goldsmiths

     Rollo, John (1708-1783) 6th Baron Rollo

     Saunders, Shepherd & Co Ltd, Manufacturing Jewellers and Goldsmiths

     Spink & Son Ltd, Medallists, Goldsmiths and Jewellers

     Upjohn, James (b1722)

     Viner, Sir Robert (1631-1688) Baronet

     Warner, John (1691-1696)

     Whipham, Thomas (1800-1807)

     Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths of London

     Number of artists or organisations noted: 33